Trader Joe Organic Coconut Sesame Sesame Seed Clusters

Trader Joe's Organic Coconut Sesame Seed Clusters

Let’s start with the basics: Happy New Year everybody! Let’s hope 2018 is better than 2017, but not as great as 2019. We can start now! Or, if your a Time Lord who is into this wibbly, wobbly line, 2018 can begin to be better whenever you want.

This blog has been around for eight years and this is only the second Dr. Who quote I can remember. Note to self – I will be adding more Dr Who references this season. Sandy and me would have to get caught up on all the episodes. It would be great to fill the time before Stranger Things returns. There are so many cliffhangers…won’t say anything incase anyone’s not caught up, but Joyce’s fridge…what the heck?

No matter if your resolution for the New Year is to watch more Netflix, or get healthier (or both), A snack is what I need to lose some adipose. You might give Trader Joe Organic Coconut Sesame Sesame Seeds Clusters another try.

These clusters are unique. These clusters are unique. I keep wanting them to be called crackers because they taste and feel like crackers. They are similar to layers of filo dough being baked together. It’s coconut, not flour, eggs and whatnot. Although I have had dried coconut before it was not like this. Maybe I am sheltered or ignorant, but it is a first for me. It’s addictively crispy and, as an added bonus, you can extrude a bit of coconut oil after a few chews. Although it may not be true, there is definitely a coconutty taste that seems to emanate from the clusters. Although it may sound odd, it is actually delicious.

The addition of black and white sesame seed gives this snack a slightly savory flavor. Although it’s an odd pairing of coconut and sesame seed, it works. It also contains Himalayan salt, although I haven’t detected any, so it’s likely quite negligible.

You can eat them plain, or you can add a salad. It wouldn’t work. The crispers are light enough to be snacky and portable enough that Sandy and me could easily eat the whole bag. These are worth repeat buying at a cost of $2 per bag. We will be using them.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Organic Coconut Sesame Clusters: 9 of 10 Golden Spoons