Trader Joe’s Organic Brown Rice Marshmallow Treatments

Trader Joe's Organic Brown Rice Marshmallow Treats
Sandy and I were honored to host friends from Mexico City for a week. They visited our church and worked with us for a few days. We held a “make it yourself” party at our home on Thursday night. Once we started to talk over dinner with our visitors, as well as some of our neighbors, the topic of American cuisine quickly came up. When we were asked about the best, most traditional and all-American foods, our culture came up with them. We came up empty. Hot dogs? Burgers? They were popularized by us, but they were also “invented” elsewhere in Europe and Germany. Apple pie? It would be hard to believe that in all of human history, it would take so long for us to invent something so simple yet so delicious. I thought I was a winner with the ever-so-delicious high-fructose corn syrup. But Josh pointed out that it is more of an additive to food than a food. TurduckenSo, that might be the winner. There may not be any other food, except for junk food like Cool Ranch Doritos.

The Rice Krispie treat is the exception. It is technically junk food. Man, I’ve never heard anyone rant about the negatives of them and have never met anyone who doesn’t like them. These are easy enough to make for children with some supervision. They are also delicious enough that I always make a beeline every time I see them at picnics. I love the way the Krispies mix in with the marshmallowy creme to make this dessert-like square. Although there are many options, I prefer the simple and most basic.

This is why Trader Joe’s Organic Brown Rice Marshmallow Treats is breaking the ice.* You have to be careful when you’re experimenting with a classic, especially when you’re playing with the tried-and-true formula by trying to make it healthier. Since I have heard that not many people like these, I was unsure what to expect when I picked up the box last week.

They aren’t my favourite, but they’re still not terrible. The texture is a bit different with brown rice, which is more grainy. After a few chews, you can also notice the difference (also more grainy). Science has made it possible to make organic vegan marshmallows by mixing brown rice syrup and evaporated cane juice. Is that not just sugar? Do I miss something?), guar gum (which I presume to better than GWARSea salt, gum) Overall, I would say they are chewier, lighter, and less crispy than the traditional crisped rice ‘n marshmallow love fest. The taste is even better with vanilla added. Each box contains five bars, each with four to five bite-sized pieces. They’re good to have with lunch, or as a quick snack to give you an energy boost.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that I don’t think the treats are great. They’re $3.99 for one. That’s one reason I think they’re overpriced at TJs. But it happens, so that’s okay. Let’s face it, my marshmallow and crispy rice treats should more closely resemble the end result of the TJ’s sale. Stay-Puft Marshmallow ManThis is how I ended up in Kelloggs’ factory. Although I appreciate the effort, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. However, there are some classics that you shouldn’t play with like “Remaking”The Longest YardBad News Bears.” What was it about 2005 and the crappy remakes of movies? Sandy took a bite and declared “Meh” after eating it. Although the extra graininess and cost factor throw me off, I would go lower. However, I will give credit to the health-consciousness of these and opt for a three.

The bottom line: 6 of 10 Golden Spoons