Trader Joe’s Everything But Fruit &Nuts – Date – Hazelnut – Cacao

Trader Joe's Nothing But Fruit & Nuts - Date - Hazelnut - Cacao

Busy, busy, busy. Bizzy. Biz-zay. Bizzybizzybiz.

It doesn’t matter how you spell or say it, we are what we are.

You have to go about your daily grind, which includes errands, jobs and chores. We try to make the most of family time when we have the day off. Sandy and I took the children to Idlewild amusement Park, the zoo science center, and pool in less than one week. For me, that would be a whole summer of activities. Family memberships that are affordable! Sandy and myself also had a short weekend together not too long ago. We packed in everything we could into just two days in NYC – a show and a ballgame as well as Times Square, Times Square and touristy stuff like Ripley’s Museum.

We’re so busy …. we’re in dire need of a TJ run. The supplies are limited.

Fortunately for all aspects of our busy lives (and fortunately Nathan chose another flavor for his review), Sandy picked up a sack of Trader Joe’s Nothing But Fruit & Nuts – Date – Hazelnut – Cacao. Although I don’t know if this is the official name, it seems like there’s no other way to describe them.

At least I am. Very Make sure you know the ingredients. There are only three ingredients: dates, hazelnuts and cacao. All of them are individually wrapped in a medium-sized disc. You may be familiar with date-based Larabars. There are similarities, but also some key differences. I believe there is a higher proportion of dates in each TJ’s nutty chocolate date cake. This is because of the delicious date flavor Seems A little more assertive – If you don’t like dates you can be yourself. no chance These are a favorite, but there is a difference in the texture. TJ’s are slightly tougher than the TJ’s – perhaps they’re dried a little more. Not sure. It’s still easy to chew, but they are softer than the Larabar softness I’m used to.

There’s not an abundance of hazelnuts, but there is enough cacao/cocoa/chocolate flavor slipping in to hit a good chocolate spot. It seems that the dates are responsible for the rich flavor. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing. These snacks are portable and very filling, making them a great snack for an on-the-go energy boost. All. That. Fiber. All the benefits, FYI.

The eight discs cost $3.99 each. While I can make more than I need for the same price, I am happy to pay a little more for convenience. I’ve made similar items, but it takes time. I also think I once blew out the motor of a food processor. Time is money.

Sandy and me like them. Go!

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Nothing But Fruit & Nuts – Date – Hazelnut – Cacao: 8.5 out of 10 Golden Spoons