Trader Joe’s Non Fat Plain Frozen Yogurt

Trader Joe's Non Fat Plain Frozen Yogurt
Sandy Love you so much blogs. They are a joy to read. Although I don’t know how many she follows, her Google Reader feed is so full of posts and articles about making the coolest animal out of popsicle sticks, that almost all of our posts are somewhere around #376. This is fine by me. She has a guest blogger opportunity on one of her favourite blogs. Children in the 1990sYou should check it out, especially if you are a baseball fan. Her blog is the only one that she continues to ramble on about, other than this one. Hungry Runner Girl. Oh my! It’s amazing.She also reveals how much food she can eat (which is quite impressive, I’ll admit) and how beautiful her photos are. Their love for frozen yogurt is the most common thing. Ms.HRG calls this Utah spot. Yogurtland that’s a selfserve, pile-as-many-toppings-on, pay-by-the-ounce kinda deal that she continually raves about. Similar places are available in the ‘burgh. Razzy FreshSandy does enjoy it and I do not. It’s not something I have tried. I’m not sure. I love delicious frozen treats and I have nothing against frozen yogurt. However, the concept of frozen yogurt doesn’t appeal me. Sandy often mentions that she’d like to go out for a cold treat so I steer the car towards her. Rita’s instead. I may be a bit odd with my frozen yogurt shop aversion, but it’s not the end of the world. I also hate ketchup, which is another story. Yes, I have food issues.

However, as we don’t go out for “fro-yo”, Sandy insists that we bring some back from our TJ’s trip. I believe she saw Non Fat Plain Frozen Yagurt. She was open to the idea of making our own flavor.

Sandy is a huge fan of the TJ froyo. She loves it. After her first bite, she smiled and said, “Mmmmm…it tastes very yoey.” Me gusta.” Her first thought was honey. She then went on to a whole list of options for topping it with. I’m not surprised that she likes yogurt. She has been on a whole yogurt kick lately. Me? Eh. It is healthier than ice cream and I don’t think there are any negatives to frozen treats. Except…the taste. I’m not sure. I’ve never tried frozen yogurt that was so yogurty. The Ben & Jerry’s-esque carton claims it’s “pleasantly tart.” That would be “nearly overwhelming” according to me. It’s almost yogurt-flavored. Warhead. Under the tartness, I began to wiggle my head and take a bite. It’s overwhelming. Just before I started writing this, I tried again and took a plain bite. While I was able to brace myself better, it still seemed too much. I tried to cover it with peanuts and Hershey’s, but it didn’t work. The yogurt tasted like Jack Nicholson from The Shining. Fresh fruit would make it taste better. It’s just too much for me. Have a suggestion? Drop a comment below or on our Facebook page. I will take it into consideration.

Sandy is all about it. It’s a delicious dish that Sandy loves and can’t fault. Sandy rates it a resounding 4.5/5. Me? Sigh. It won’t seem like the greatest disparity in our rankings but it will be. Too darn yo-ey. I will be going with a 2 though I am open for revisions if I can find the right things to go with it.

Bottom line: 6.5 of 10 Golden Spoons