Dealer Joe’s No-Tomato Hen Lasagna with Spinach & Roasted Garlic Bechamel Sauce

Trader Joe's No-Tomato Chicken Lasagna with Spinach & Roasted Garlic Bechamel Sauce
I hate to begin this weblog off with a unfavourable overview, however as destiny ought to have it, I ate this Dealer Joe’s Hen Lasagna immediately for lunch and was not impressed. Sonia tried the identical lasagna final week and warned me that it was fairly bland. She did not even end hers, which isn’t like her in any respect. She’s not one to waste meals, merely on precept. There are ravenous youngsters in Africa.

Anyway, this lasagna is just about devoid of taste. It boasts “No-Tomato” on the label. Nicely, pals, if God did not need lasagna to have tomato, he would have banished the enigmatic fruit/vegetable from the nation of Italy again when the usually-delicious pasta dish was being developed some centuries in the past. However in fact vine-ripened tomatoes thrive within the lush gardens of Mediterranean nations, and are, due to this fact, a vital ingredient in lots of Italian dishes.

I discovered myself pining for the style of tangy tomato sauce so significantly, that I raided our miscellaneous drawer for some leftover scorching sauce and salsa packets from varied quick meals eating places. After including them, I discovered the flavour a lot improved, and was capable of end the dish. Now, within the lasagna’s protection, I did put together mine within the microwave, not within the oven. The label does say microwaving is a viable choice, nevertheless everyone knows issues usually come out higher when cooked within the oven.

I will be sincere…I do not know what Bechamel sauce is. It’s apparently inexperienced, mushy, and flavorless, save for a touch of garlic. Moreover, I may detect neither the style nor the feel of rooster on this so referred to as “Hen Lasagna.” If there was rooster within the meals, it was evidently pureed past recognition, and someway sapped of all indigenous taste.

I’ll say the lasagna feels fairly mild…my abdomen is just not in agony, nor do I’ve any bizarre aftertaste haunting me, reminding me of the expertise…I don’t bear in mind the worth of the merchandise. Someplace within the ballpark of $3, I consider. With all the scrumptious gadgets TJ’s has to supply, I don’t suggest attempting this one except you are actually determined for one thing new. Two out of 5 Stars from Nathan…One out of 5 Stars from Sonia. Backside line: 3 out of 10.