Chicory and Trader Joe’s New Orleans Style Coffee

Trader Joe's New Orleans Style Coffee with Chicory
To not bore you with details, I work in a cubicle factory for a large pharmacy. I fix “fusterclucks”, which I affectionately refer to as insurance “fusterclucks” that provide medication to people who require it. It’s a great job that allows me to help people who really need it. This promotion was a recent one for me, in the last couple of months. Aside from that, the thing I love about it is that I have my own cubicle every day. Depending on my job function, I was able to sit at any number of desks in my previous job. This meant that I didn’t have too much stuff to move around. It was a pain. Although I don’t consider myself to be very territorial, I do like my own space and my own items to decorate my office. I purchased a French press for my promotion. It’s because my work coffee, which is boringly bland and brownish in color, is not as good as yours. I survived on a couple cups of that every day for over a year, and since I had finally hit the big leagues (*coughcough*), it was time to finally get myself some coffee worthy of my newly attained status.

There aren’t many sections at Trader Joe’s to give me cause for concern, but the coffee section always gives me pause. The selections are vast and it is difficult to choose which bundle of brewn’ beans to take home, as there are so many options. Although I’m not a coffee expert, I do know the taste of good coffee and prefer something with a little more character. A canister is usually one of the most expensive items in the cart and lasts for a while so I want to ensure I make a good choice.

TJ’s New Orleans Style Coffee With Chicory is definitely that. This coffee is a darker roast of Arabica goodness but not as burnt-tasteful as some more well-known chain stores. With a little cream and sugar added, the chicory will add a delicious bittersweet element to your coffee. According to legend, chicory is a French tradition that was introduced to coffee. They used it to expand their coffee supply in times of crisis. France, aside form the bikini, this might be the most delicious idea you have ever had. This is one great blend. Even though I have never been to Nawlins, it’s one I can picture sipping Cafe Au Lait while listening to live jazz and eating beignets at nightclubs. If you prefer a stronger flavor with less cream, the aroma of the grounds reminds me of good smoky pipe tobacco. So imagine yourself sitting on a bayou dock, waiting for your nibble. Delicious, delicious stuff.

TJ’s claim that New Orleans is their favorite city or region must partly explain why. Even though I haven’t been, I imagine I’d love it there every time I went. Although love can be defined many ways, let me tell you, there is no Trader Joe’s near New Orleans. You can’t buy TJ’s New Orleans Style Coffee here. Or anywhere else in Louisiana. Perhaps you could take a quick trip to Mississippi? Alabama perhaps? Nope. It’s only 468 miles from Atlanta. According to Google maps, it takes 7 hours 26 minutes. But, hey, there are no tolls. This is not the type of love that I know, and it’s certainly not what I would call a true love. ‘Nawlins, Stand up for your rights for a TJ! While we are at it, here’s a list of cool cities I’ve visited. Asheville NC, rise up! Although I don’t know for sure, I believe my aunt who lives there. Austin, TXI would also appreciate one. It’s possible to have a TJ’s in my suburban area of Hatfield, PA within a reasonable driving distance (Mom it’s just across Montgomeryville). That Why not these vibrant Southern cities, far? Are you trying to start another Civil War? You will not be seen as a carpetbagger because of all the positive things you have to offer, Trader Joe.

I am glad that there is a TJ’s just two miles from my home and I tried the chicory coffee. It’s the second time I’ve purchased this coffee there. Each mug is a treat that fuels me for a long day of fighting insurance companies who try to cheat their customers. This delicious brew makes me feel confident that I can handle any challenge. This is worth four. Sandy, who is a little more of a coffee snoot (err…discerning palate) than me, enjoyed relaxing with a mug tonight as I made dinner. TJ’s lighter blends are her preference. She’s said in the past some of TJs darker roasts tasted like they had been stirred with burnt sticks, but she stated that she wouldn’t mind drinking it again. She quickly corrected me when I said that it was a triple-negative, which in reality makes it a non-affirmative sentence.

Final verdict: 7 out 10 Golden Spoons