Trader Joe’s Mojito Salmon

Trader Joe's Mojito Salmon

I’ve only ever heard of a “mojito” as a drink: a Caribbean-originated rum-based citrusy thing with mint. I wikied it. It was the same. It was not mentioned that salmon is a possible option. Evidently, Trader Joe is back to his creative side in the kitchen. Maybe he dumped the remains of his cocktail on a piece of fish once and like the taste, so he whipped up a recipe and mass produced it for the frozen sections of his stores.

Another $7 deal…or pretty close. This stuff is available in a single portion, just like the Chicken Serenada. You can heat it in the microwave. Sonia decided she could not eat salmon in the microwave so she set the oven to bake. Sonia pronounces the letter “l” in salmon, as do many Angelena’s. We are not sure why. They don’t understand the silent “l” thing. I don’t think they can blame me.

We heated it in the oven. Although it came out a little dry and firm, that was fine for me. I don’t like fish that is slightly mushy.

Any time we do these reviews, it’s just natural to compare what we’re eating with similar products we’ve had recently from other places. In my head, the TJ’s product must compete with its rival in a virtual arena. Apparently, Russ has similar delusions when he eats Trader Joe’s food, as he once wrote an entire review in the manner of a boxing match between veggie sausage patties. A few weeks back, while visiting friends in the D.C. area, Sonia and I had the privilege of trying some salmon burgers from some healthy-type store. They are not from the same place as I remember. It wasn’t Trader Joe’s, and it wasn’t Whole Foods. It might have been Wegman’s. However, that’s irrelevant. I do remember that there was some competition to this Mojito Salmon. The salmon burgers were delicious.

This salmon was dry, as I already mentioned. The salmon was almost dry to my liking, which is why I prefer dry fish. It would have been a lot more moist if it had been heated in the microwave. The moisture content of the salmon burgers was just right. They were also softer than the Mojito Salmon. Even the parts of salmon that were covered in that…mojito-esque topping seemed a bit parched. Although it looked mojito-esque, the topping was not really mojito-esque. It was kind of just like a mélange of vegetables and a touch of sauce that happened to be green.

The salmon tasted just like salmon, flavor-wise. It didn’t taste grilled because it wasn’t grilled. It wasn’t fishy tasting (I believe salmon tasted fishy because they took some trout and made it pink). It was perhaps a tad more salmony than those salmon burgers that we tried (we put a touch of mustard on those). That was a good thing. However, I thought it was a little disappointing and too bland. It didn’t add much.

It’s not a lot of bang for the buck considering the cost and the size of the dish. As I mentioned, salmon was used. It’s not a low score, so I won’t be too harsh. What about a 3. Sonia will give it a 3.5 (my score may be lower because I’m projecting my unresolved frustration about that peculiar silent “l” onto the poor fish).

Final verdict: 6.5 out 10 stars