Trader Joe’s Mini Cheddar Chipotle Potato Bites

Trader Joe's Mini Cheddar Chipotle Potato Bites
Okay, so I’m not going to tell you long, boring stories about potatoes. I have no idea how to use these Trader Joe’s Mini Cheddar Chipotle Kartoffel Bites to make fun of my wife. You know what a potato is? It is a great potato, and there aren’t many things that can be said except, dangit. They’re delicious in almost every form. There isn’t a bad word I can think of about potatoes. That’s really the best thing you can say about anything. The best thing about potatoes is how you can use them to make a variety of toppings. I find it hard to beat butter and cheese. However, if there is bacon, some sourcream, or something spicy, you are welcome to join the party. I don’t discriminate.

That’s almost perfectThese potato bites are a great deal. You get a lot of the Lilliputian appetizers for $3.99 per box. These are good in certain ways, but not in all. Let me explain. Let me begin by asking: First, when was the last time you had any potato in a loaded potato skin type dish? To be honest, I would have to say…never. You can’t eat all that stuff without getting bored. These tasty Trader Joe’s taters? Every bite contained plenty of soft, warm baked potatoes. This is what makes it so delicious.

The problem is that, aside from potato, the dominant tastes are cheddar cheese, sour cream, and bacon. Both of these are mild. Although this is not a problem, my eyes and the box indicate that there should be bacon and chipotle chili peppers. Unfortunately, I cannot taste the bacon or chipotle peppers. It has a faint hint of smokeiness, but it’s not enough. This is kinda disappointing.Ause Dangit, I know the delicious combination of potatoes, cheese, bacon and hot peppers. These are the ingredients I use to make homemade pierogis. You can add a little bit of sour cream to finish them off. These would be equally good…oh fantastic…I just made myself hungry to make homemade pierogis…does that ?…dangit sound hard?

Sandy still loves potato bites. They are her favorite. According to what I heard, she has been telling her coworkers about how great they are. In the days since she finished eating them, she’s made several comments about how she wishes she had more to snack on. She said that they were a bit too spicy for her taste. They are a 4.5 in her books. I think next time she goes to TJ’s she will pick them up and give me the puppy dogs eyes to convince me to purchase them again. She won’t have much to work with, as I also like them, no matter how much the mini spuds might be. Let’s say they are worth 3.5 Golden Spoons.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Mini Cheddar Chipotle Potato Bites are 8 out of 10 Golden Spoons