Mini Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Wedges by Trader Joe

Trader Joe's Mini Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream Wedges

This product’s packaging claims it’s an “ice cream that thinks its a cheesecake.” Where would ice cream come up with such a ridiculous idea? Perhaps because the product’s title included the word cheesecake before it had the words “ice cream”? This poor dessert’s identity crisis is largely your fault. Is it a fruit or ice cream? Is it ice-cream? Is it cheesecake or ice cream?

It could be all of the above. It’s all at once. This may seem paradoxical but, in the same way I am a wife, a son and a friend simultaneously, this dessert might be multiple things. It’s kinda a beautiful mystery in each case.

This product has so many wonderful qualities. I wish it could be even more. blueberry. A few blueberry gel swathes are visible through the frozen cheesecake. In the middle of the dessert is a greater cache of sweet blueberry goodness with a hint of blueberry. Sonia and me agree that the blueberry-ish middle of the icecream is the best part. We would love to see more blueberry. There is already a lot of it. We want more. We are only children.

It’s creamy and has the taste of cheesecake. We were not happy with the choice to put this product on a stick. Sticks can be great in certain cases, such this tasty snack. There are many delicious frozen desserts that can be made with sticks, such as this one. Sonia and me thought these cheesecakes tasted almost like wood for some reason. We may be picking at it, but we think that these cheesecakes would have been more delicious if they were served on a plate with forks, much like traditional ice cream cakes. You might need a plate, or a bowl to catch the mess.

100 calories per snack is not bad considering how delicious they are. Even though they are very small. Although I could have probably eaten the whole box of six in one go, my sweet Sonia might have scolded and reprimanded me in that Latin sassy way I love for doing so.

Sonia gave these wedges a low score due to the woody taste. However, overall she thinks they are a winner. Sonia gave it 3.5 stars. She’s a bit too harsh on the wooden thing. These sweet treats are delicious and unique, so I’m giving them 4.5 stars.

Bottom line: 8 of 10 stars.