Trader Joe’s Milk Chocolate Orange

Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate Orange
Since I’ve furnished you with enough snarkiness to last us through December, I won’t even mention TJ’s advent calendars, although I will say that the chocolates in the one we bought this year taste vastly better than the first one we tried. I believe the 2011 calendar may have had chocolate from 2010 and 2009 in it. While I love vintage wines and some aged cheeses, chocolate doesn’t work that way for me.
That was just one. Stärkes of this chocolate orange. You just tasted the chocolate Fresh. Orange flavor gave it an extra kick of tartness, which tingled the tongue. It also enhanced the milk chocolate sweetness. Similar to Terry’s chocolate orangeYou must shake this one on the counter to separate 20 thin slices. It’s very similar to Terry’s oranges that I have had. I wonder if this is just a repackaging of Terry’s brand …?. I won’t say more. It’s one of my speculative musings on the secret world of Trader Joe’s supplier. This product is good regardless of whether I can tell the difference between TJ and the original.

This is what you should get for Christmas as a stocking stuffer. Sonia and myself didn’t wait. After the holidays, this review won’t be of much use to you. Sonia was able to give three stars despite her slight dislike of plain chocolate. I think it deserves four and a quarter stars.

Bottom line: 8 stars out of 10.
Yes, that’s Yoda in a Santa suit right next to the chocolate orange we have under our Christmas tree.