Trader Joe’s Mesquite Smoked Seasoned Almonds

Trader Joe's Mesquite Smoked Seasoned Almonds

Sometimes I don’t know how to begin a review. This is one of those cases. Sandy sat beside me, making a tutu in Steelers colors for Baby M. I asked her how she should do it. She replied, “Awwwwww nuts.” And boom!

Anyways, these are Trader Joe’s Mesquite-Smoke Seasoned Almonds. This is the best way to describe them. Sam ElliotYou can taste the difference by personally rubbing your mustache across each bag of roasted nuts. The whiskers were left out. This would be quite a large Golden Spoon deduction. These nuts have a very strong flavor. Because it’s everywhere, I have trouble identifying the spices used in each almond’s generously dusted. The Cheeto with all the extra Cheeto powder is the one in the bag. Every nut tastes a little bit like that. My taste buds are literally overwhelmed by all the different flavors and spices, but they all flow along the lines of “smoked” and “mesquite”. Salty. That’s what I mean. Real salt. Seasoned salt is a major ingredient. After consuming a few, I feel quite thirsty for more sarsaparilla. Sam Elliot, thanks. They are flavorful and sufficiently dust-coated that I would recommend sticking with them. You could also put them in a Chex Mix or trail mix and they would probably overpower all the other ingredients.

They cost 5 dollars for the pounder bag which is pretty reasonable for a bag of nuts these day. I probably ate about 90%  of the package, which is okay with Sandy as she kept herself busy with her sackful of pumpkin seeds. They were still a good choice for her. She said that they were “very mesquite-y and super crunchy.” “Like, you’re familiar with how almonds can be soggy and not crunchy? Are soggy almonds? No dear, that’s not what I meant. Almonds can be crunchier at times than others, but I have never had an almond that was soggy. My wife will assure you that this won’t be the case. They’ll get a three from her, as she believes the nuts can become a little too sweet after only a few. They could actually gain something if they took a step back. I enjoy the crunch, and that only a few handfuls are enough to keep your stomach happy for a long time. It seems to be around four.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Smoked Seasoned Almonds are 7 out 10 Golden Spoons