Trader Joe’s Matcha Joe-Joe’s

Trader Joe's Matcha Joe-Joe's

I try to be a complete human in my continuing efforts to be well-rounded. I do this by trying things I don’t like at the beginning. Sometimes, things that I don’t really enjoy end up becoming my favorite thing. Matcha is an example.

The dessertification of green tea by Trader Joe was a great excuse for me to try matcha again. Okay, this is not the candy bar-style dessertification of green tea. This combination sounds strange to me, even though I like white chocolate. Russ got me a bar to try it.

What about matcha in sandwich cookies? This is just strange enough that it works. It would work well with coffee. Why wouldn’t it also work with green tea?

Will the matcha remain? Reduce cholesterol, fight cancer, boost immunity, decrease stress and increase my metabolism? Somehow, I doubt it. These cookies are going to be my treat.

It’s possible to not taste matcha after the first bite. It’s delicious! there, so you mayIt’s obvious if you really pay attention. But the vanilla cookies muffle the earthy green tea flavor to the point that even matcha-haters may be able to tolerate this particular Joe-Joe’s.

For matcha lovers—if you want to prove to yourself that these cookies are well-worth their “matcha” moniker—return to your childhood by unscrewing the sandwich cookie and licking the creme center right off the cookie. Bam. It’s sweet but unmistakably matchay. It’s strange that it works, I have to admit. It works. Even for me, who, again, isn’t super into matcha—it’s so sweet that I can’t dislike it.

As I give out three and a quarter stars, I am going to be surprised even myself. Sonia, who is a Matcha-lover, will be accompanied by four.

The bottom line: 7.5 points out of 10.