Trader Joe’s Maine Whole Cherrystone Clams

Trader Joe's Maine Whole Cherrystone Clams
We scribes have a saying that has been passed down through the generations: Write only what you know. This was something I learned while completing my Penn State journalism degree. It makes perfect sense. Writing about a subject you don’t understand will show as clearly as a glass on a white sofa. For proof, check out the articles I wrote about Penn State’s collegiate rugby. Daily Collegian.

You can also continue reading this review on Trader Joe’s Maine Whole Cherrystone Clams. Although I don’t know how many times I’ve eaten clams in my entire life, it’s likely in the single figures. They’ve also been deep-fried almost every other time. Additionally, canned seafood is something I have never tried. I don’t like tuna fish and I can’t eat canned seafood. It’s a very unpleasant smell, which I remember growing up.My mom would open a can and my cat would beg for a bite. But then, it was gone. I am sure there are many worse things that can be put in a can.Ah, there it is!Viewer discretion advised. However, it is not the way that I would prefer to get my seafood. I believe that Trader Joe’s can impress (or at minimum not gross out) a rookie canned clam cook, which means they’re reasonable good. Of course they could be awful, but I wouldn’t know the difference if that were to happen. You will be the judge, Readers.

Now, on to the clams. Hmm. That’s how an entire unbreaded/unfried whole clam looks after it gets shucked. Umm…interesting. Gulp. It’s hard to see the face, so I feel less guilty. I find the clams almost taste like what they smell. That’s a compliment. It was my childhood experience visiting Maine’s coast, so the salty, briny aroma of each bite is quite pleasing to me. They do taste a lot like Maine and I love it. As I don’t know anything, I assume the “cherrystone” part refers to the dark centre of gutsy matter in the main body. These clams remind me of a cherry or stone in every way. As I kinda They were as I expected, but the clams are chewier than I would like. But then again, this is a whole skeletonless creature.

Sandy and I enjoyed these with dinner and a box lemon pepper clam-linguini that we found while tearing down and putting together our kitchen. Although I initially wanted to make it with shrimp, Sandy insists that we not. It was wonderful! HadWe had to purchase the can at $1.99 per can because they were clams. It was a good thing in a way. We’ve learned that we need to be more conscious about iron in our daughter’s diet over the next few days/weeks/however many weeks before our little baby makes her/his appearance. (due in just a few short weeks). We’re getting our hospital bag packed!). Sandy and myself feel the same about them. It’s decent enough. But we don’t know better. We will be fair and give it a solid “not too bad” rating.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Maine Whole Cherrystone Clams are 6 out of 10 Golden Spoons