Trader Joe’s Mahi Mahi

Trader Joe's Mahi Mahi
It has taken me a while before I finally started to enjoy fish as a source of food. While I love crab legs and shrimp, what about fish? This is not the case. It was obvious when my siblings and I pulled on my mom’s necklace a bit too hard as children. This meant that it was haddock for dinner. It was baked with butter and lemon juice. This may sound good to you but we prefer yard clippings. In my youth, the only fish we had was chunky tuna from cans. My mom made tuna fish soup and later tried to sneak in homemade mac & cheese. This should be illegal. My mom is probably reading this. You made so many great meals growing up, that I don’t intend to hold you responsible. My intention is to give context to my readers. When I said that you were the world’s best cook, I meant it. And for many other reasons than the fact that you cooked me Smurf pasta every time I was four.

Deep-frying anything is a great way to make it taste better. That’s what got me sorta hooked* on fish. Sandy and I try to get as many fish fries as we can at our local Catholic churches during Lent. fish. ever). There are plenty of other options. Great placesTo go to Pittsburgh for a Good fish sandwich**, as it seems like an unofficially second official sandwich of the city behind Primanti BrosYou can’t knock ’em until you try ’em.

Of course, it’s not the only method to enjoy the meats that swim. We are excited about our California vacation and want to make the most of our. Discover a new favorite cookbookFor at least four to five meals a week, we made fish tacos several nights ago. We needed to buy a large piece of delicious gilled goodness. After that, we went to Trader Joe’s frozen section where we found a huge piece of Mahi Mahi. Did it win?

It would be so. The fish defrosted quickly and I was able easily to cut it up into smaller pieces so that I could coat them with chili powder. Everything. Can we agree on this? You can quickly and easily cook the fish on the stovetop in a little oil. Sandy and I agreed that this was a great rendition of a very tasty fish. We used fresh greens from the garden and tortillas. The Mahi Mahi was large, light, and fishy, with just enough moisture to keep it moist throughout its entire journey from package to stomach. The taste was not too fishy, and it was very pleasant. Apart from the texture, it almost looked like chicken. It was frozen but it felt fresh.

This was definitely delicious. Sandy and I both agree that we will have to buy it again to try different recipes. It claims that you can grill it straight from frozen and it will turn out fine. I’d like to test this claim. It’s also affordable at $6.99 per pound.

Both of us give it a 4 for the taste and overall goodness. This fish is by far the best I’ve ever purchased in a grocery store. Although I don’t have many other comparable purchases, I do know that this fish is very similar to fresh fish purchased at other grocery stores. We recommend buying it, without a doubt.

Bottom line: 8 out 10 Golden Spoons

* As opposed to definitely hooked, which was my right index finger when I went fishing when I was five. It could be another reason why it took me so long to get used to fishing.
** i.e., not a Filet-O-Fish. Barffffff.