Dealer Joe’s Magnifisauce

Trader Joe's Magnifisauce

Along with chatter about GME, NOK, and AMC “stonks,” the dying of Dustin Diamond (RIP Screech) and Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow, the interwebs are ablaze with information and opinions about this ostentatiously-packaged new condiment from Dealer Joe’s. Some are saying it is simply Thousand Island dressing. Some are saying it is the subsequent massive factor. Some are indignant that “canola oil” is the primary ingredient. Some are saying they’d drink it straight from the bottle. Inquiring minds wish to know: is it definitely worth the hype?

Ever since 1980’s McDonald’s commercials sang about “particular sauce” of their Huge Mac burgers, Individuals have had an obsession with particular or “secret” sauces. Oooh. Everyone loves a secret, proper? Quickly locations like Burger King would comply with swimsuit with the Huge King, and though I wasn’t uncovered to them till a few years later, In-N-Out on the west coast would slather their burgers and animal model fries with a mysterious pinkish dressing that astounded and allured the lots.

I am unsure why, however myself, my household, and my circle of mates did not work out that these clandestine condiments have been merely a mix of different extra frequent toppings like relish, ketchup, and mayonnaise, with a couple of spices thrown into the combo, till a few years after we might first partook of the secretive salsa in our quick meals burgers. Are we a bit gradual? Maybe. However at the least now the cat’s out of the bag. All particular sauces are principally conglomerations of different much less unique constituent components. So is the $2.99 squeeze bottle of Magnifisauce actually that magnificent?

Sure and no. The comfort issue is excessive. I do not suppose I’ve ever seen particular sauce offered as particular sauce earlier than, and definitely not in such a useful package deal. It is shelf secure till it is opened, and it is best if used inside 90 days. 

Sonia and I do not eat hamburgers all that always, however we’ll be capable of end this sauce as a dip for appetizers like French fries and onion rings. Make no mistake, it is fairly tasty when eaten as the primary condiment on a standard burger. We obtained a few patty melts from the bar and grill restaurant down the road yesterday, took them house, broke out this sauce, and have been pleasantly stunned with its style. Taste-wise, it truly is principally simply Thousand Island dressing with a great little bit of pickle relish and a few faint garlic and onion within the background. We each suppose it is a bit thinner than mainstream quick meals secret sauce, and by my estimation perhaps only a tad sweeter.

I am no meals scientist, so you may inform me within the feedback under why canola oil is nice or dangerous. It is the bottom of this sauce. Most Dealer Joe’s merchandise at the least have the veneer of being healthy-esque. I am not satisfied both method, however even when canola oil is detrimental to my well being, I will not be consuming sufficient of these items for it to kill me. Like I stated, we’ll end this bottle over the subsequent few months. After that, unsure if I might re-purchase besides maybe to take to a giant social gathering or neighborhood barbecue kind gathering the place a number of burgers can be eaten all of sudden. I want I might be a part of the ranks of both the Magnifisauce zealots and even the haters, however alas, I am a reasonable and a centrist at coronary heart, even on the subject of condiments. Name me a milquetoast fencesitter in case you should. You would not be incorrect. Three stars from me.

The wifey can be barely extra pro-Magnifisauce and throw out 4 stars.

Backside line: 7 out of 10.