Trader Joe’s Lentil Soup with Ancient Grain

Trader Joe's Lentil Soup with Ancient Grains
You may have noticed that I featured many vegetarian/meatless meals and choices in my Russ posts over the last two weeks. In homage to Sandy’s Catholic upbringing and as an experiment, the two of them decided to forgo meat during Lent. The season will continue for all of it, not just Fridays. (Except for Sundays for me because I am allowed to take a break from the Lenten fast – the Pope and WikipediaIf you’re cool with it, so are I. It’s been difficult – it’s nothing like I’ve been getting meat DTs – but, as someone who is used to a certain degree of carnivoredom worthy my high ranking in the food chain there have been times when I’ve realized that a little bit of meat could make a decent dinner even better.

Trader Joe’s offers a decent selection of vegetarian options. I’ve used it to explore other mealtime options. There have been some. It’s a pleasant surprise!It has been a great journey so far.

For example, take this lentil soup. I don’t recall ever having lentil soup and the “ancient grains” makes it sound like some primordial stew that hippies living in Volkswagen toaster vans could enjoy. I would not have discovered this if I wasn’t in search of delicious, cuddly meat-less lunches. Sandy even spotted it and decided to put it in the cart. She suggested that we try it, and because she’s always right, she was right.

Fantastic. This is some serious, heavy stuff. Sandy took some of it one morning and put it in Tupperware to make her lunch. She then gave me the rest. I have a constant appetite. The half-cup I had in the container was enough to feed me with an apple and a few pretzels. It was hard for me to tell what it contained, because it was so heavy. It was definitely a LotsLentils were a good choice, although texturally they didn’t stand out. Not even the vegetables like carrots and onions. I think the “ancient grain” is mostly quinoa (which I am slowly learning to appreciate) and millet, as well as the flax and flax seeds. It tastes a lot like cumin, but there are some garlic, pepper, and paprika in it. It’s spicy, but it’s not spicy hot… it’s more of a spicy full-flavored tastiness. This soup is thick, and not thin like other soups. I thoroughly enjoyed this soup and could not help but notice the men at the next table, who were busy eating their daily buffalo wings. That’s a lot, if you know me. This is definitely the type of stuff you’d want to keep inside your body to heat and fill you up on colder days. But I believe it would be fine even if the temperatures start to rise. This stuff is also great for those cold days. Other than that, TJ lunch options are quite goodIt provides me with a container (with lid!) It can be reused and kept, and I won’t draw too much spousal ire. Sometimes asking for forgiveness is easier than asking for permission.

It is a great product and I am a big fan. It’s so good. Sandy surprised me when said she’d only give it three. It was Monday and she was clearly disappointed that the store had it. “It is good, but it’s not as soupy as I like it to be,” she stated. Well, they can have their way. I will still be looking for it on the shelf after Lent is over.

The bottom line: 8 of 10 Golden Spoons