Trader Joe’s Lemon & Triple Ginger Snap ice cream

Trader Joe's Lemon & Triple Ginger Snap Ice Cream
You can question our food knowledge, wisdom, and experience as much or as little as you like, but Nathan and I both proudly proclaim ourselves to be foodie-hacks (i.e. a couple of normal guys), but I will happily declare myself an ice-cream expert beyond doubt. Check out my credentials. Because of many family summer vacations to Vermont, I have been there. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory* innumerable times (at least twice a summer), so I have seen firsthand how some of the best ice cream around is made, and have probably tasted close to every flavor there. Penn State, the university that is renowned for its ice cream, was my college experience. CreameryYou’re missing out if you don’t have their ice cream. It’s one. Bill Clinton’s favorite thingsYou know that he likes frozen desserts. Because I live in Pittsburgh, I am not far from wonderful local shops such as Dave & Andy’sAnd Oh Yes!Which I visit every once in a while for a cone of milk bliss. Needless to state, I’ve tried many different brands from regular grocery stores over the years. My gut is a testament to this. Sandy? And Sandy? I bet she’d eat it every single day. If you give her a subpar bowlful, she won’t hesitate to voice her discontent. The best way to make a date with your dog is to take the pup out for a supper. We’re experts.

So when we both say that Trader Joe’s Lemon & Triple Ginger Snap Ice Cream may be some of the best ice cream we’ve ever had, that says one heckuva lot. Sandy stated between each bite, “There’s nothing good that can be said about it.” You are so right, wifey. The lemon ice-cream base is mildly lemony. It’s sweet, tangy, and not too citrusy. It compliments the triple ginger cookie dough that is dry-swirled in the mixture in the perfect balance. Triple Ginger Snaps by TJ’s are legendary. A delicious mix of fresh, crystallized ginger and ground ginger is made into cookie batter to create a ginger-spiced cookie. Although it is quite dry, it is easy to mix in lemony ice-cream. However, the consistency is good enough and the flavor is so delicious that it is hard not to love it. The ratio of cookie dough and ice cream is about right. The batter in our carton was quite thick, so it seemed a bit heavy. But, it wasn’t a problem for us. According to the side of the carton, each carton contains roughly 15 cookies worth of dough. This seems pretty accurate.

Sandy and I went through the entire quart in just two sittings. Yes, we do know it’s bad. Ice cream can kill you. Shame on us, yada yada yada. Right. Take a bite, then pick it up and put it down. It’s impossible to stop. For a two year old, it’s addictive enough to make Teletubbies scream. It’s impossible to not eat it unless you are a weird person who doesn’t like ice cream or if you are a monk who swears to avoid all forms of pleasure on earth. In that case, I would say you’re missing something.

This would have to be the best ice-cream I’ve ever tasted. Pantheon is shorthand for the highest ranking of the best. It’s not possible to compare it with others who have reached that level. This is the highest status possible and it’s not something to be taken lightly. It is a Hall of Fame within a Hall of Fame (think Billy Williams and Ted Williams). If I had to make an Ice Cream Mt. Rushmore, this would be right up there with the Creamery’s Peachy Paterno, Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia and Chubby Hubby, and the offbeat but incredulously good bacon and Trix** combo from Oh Yeah!. It is so good. If it makes it into the ice cream pantheon you can be sure it will make it to the WGaTJ. Five for me and five for my lady. I wish there were five more. It is probably a good thing that they don’t.

Bottom line: 10 Golden Spoons out of 10.

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*Everyone who works at the Ben & Jerry’s factory gets three free pints of ice cream a day. They are also owned by Weight Watchers. This is a sustainable business model.
**Much better than the bacon and hops I had once, as well as the inadvertent wasabi that secretly snuck it’s way into my dish once. Talk about an unpleasant surprise.