Lemon Curd from Trader Joe

Trader Joe's Lemon Curd
One bright Saturday morning, my wife and me were searching for vittles in the downtown of our little suburb just outside of the City of Brotherly Love. We found a new cafe/diner right on the main street. It was a cute mom and pop’s restaurant. It reminded of a place we used go to in Hollywood called “The Spot”.The Corner.” 
Sonia, my wife, usually eats within an hour of getting up. I, on the other hand, tend to eat at least a small amount of food. Immediately upon waking, usually accompanied by a caffeinated energy drink of some kind. This meal is a real treat. break-the-fast This allows me to eat smaller portions, which allows me to join Sonia when she finally eats breakfast. Sonia and my good friend Peregrin Took inspired us to refer to this second meal as “second breakfast.”

The second breakfast cannot be as big as a normal dinner because it is preceded by a first breakfast and elevensies. When I tried to find a small-sized meal at this cafe, I declined the offer of a hashbrown addition. Our waitress decided that I was a poor SOB and would receive very little to no tip. As our waitress tried to fulfill her prophecy, we received very little or no service. However, when my meal arrived (pancakes with lemon curd), everything was perfect as rain. The tart, tangy, and lemony taste of the curd delighted me. I was shocked that curd would be called such a delicious food. As I spread it around my flapjacks, I giggled like an elementary schoolboy. I literally licked my plate clean.

Sonia, apparently offended at the yellow rain that was pouring on my face, told me bluntly, “You know they’re selling that stuff at Trader Joe’s.”

My eyes widening at the realization that I wouldn’t have to go back into this diner for lemon curd, my eyes widen. But, did TJ’s version taste the same as the cafe with poor service?

In the intervening time, I have confirmed that TJ’s version of lemon curd is as good or better than the one I had at diner. 

It has the consistency and feel like honey but is RIDICULOUSLY lemony. It made me want scream “Lemony Snicket!” like I did when I ate the Lemon Bars. It goes well with pancakes, with toast, with scones, with CookiesYou can make lemon candy from almost anything. It’s both super sweet and tart. It’s my favorite thing. It’s not known if this product is available elsewhere in the USA. I also doubt that Trader Joe invented it. However, I will give credit to TJ for introducing me. Five big stars from me. Sonia received 4.5 stars.

Final verdict: 9.5 out 10.