Trader Joe’s Kitchen Sink Dunkers

Trader Joe's Kitchen Sink Dunkers

“Comparison is the thief to joy.”

It’s been used so many times that I can only assume it was Theodore Roosevelt. I am pretty certain I heard it said by someone else…but that would be like comparing source information, which is contradictory to its purpose. It doesn’t matter who said it, it is true.

Sheetz Trashcan Cookies is why I said this. Did you ever get one? If you haven’t and live near one or are traveling by one, get one. You should get it as soon as you can. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of baking cookies, you will know what I mean. They are soft and fluffy, and can be made with a variety of ingredients including chocolate chips, Reese Pieces, popcorn, and pretzels. We love these cookies!

It was my hope that Trader Joe’s Kitchen Sink Dunkers would have a similar atmosphere. The name has the same meaning: a little of everything, a little this, and then there is that other stuff. Kitchen sink means “everything other than the …””. There has to be a lot.

I can’t say that they delivered fully. While I like the concept, it is not perfect. The name does set up for failure. These oatmeal cookies are essentially dunkers trying to appear more sophisticated than they are. Although I don’t have anything against pecans or sunflower seeds or chocolate chunks making a good cookie, when they are all combined with rolled oats there isn’t much to distinguish them or make it terribly descriptive.

It’s not like there’s…oh wait! I’m not sure how they got in. There are raisins too. It’s an extravagant oatmeal raisin cookie. You won’t find anyone who likes oatmeal raisins cookies. I only eat them if they aren’t chocolate chip and I have to look very closely. I think the same thing as everyone else. It’s all a conspiracy 

The dippy dunkers, being cookies made to be dunked in coffee, are very rigid when dried but become crumbly once they have been soaked in coffee. Sandy told me that he had tried them this way but I didn’t have the chance to try them.

Good, but not exceptional. My humble opinion is that they could use more pizzazz. They’re good enough to eat, but I won’t go out of my way to find them. There are many other delicious cookies available…these dunkers don’t even compare.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Kitchen Sink Dunkers: 5.5% out of 10 Golden Spoons