Trader Joe’s Italian Mini Ravioli

Trader Joe's Italian Mini Ravioli
Perhaps you’ve seen One of our write ups from The Daily Meal* that have circulated around the Interwebs to sites like Huffington PostAnd Yahoo!You can also find similar sites. It might be the way you found our website. My favorite part about those articles is the comments. Needless to state, there are some people who don’t like our taste buds. Others think we’re dopes. I was astonished at the comments that criticized Trader Joe’s for being full of hipsters and overpriced food. Although I don’t claim to be a TJs advocate, that is not my experience. If I was willing to pay more for my chow, Sharper Image or the large local chain I used to go to before I found TJ’s would be the best option. Pretentiousness, etc., is something that I find a little bit, but not excessively, at least in Pittsburgh. I see more families with kids than doofy-haircutted-tight-Goodwill-pantsed kids prattering on and on about The Avett Brothers shopping there. I find that this criticism doesn’t hold true, and it makes me wonder where they get their food at (McDonalds). They’re clearly in a bad mood. Although TJ’s is not perfect, I find them more right-leaning than wrong.

Okay, it’s Italian Mini Ravioli time. This is very casual, you see? It isn’t even Trader Giotto-branded. You have to admit, it is mini ravioli. Although I’m not sure if this will increase or decrease the likelihood of people buying it, one could consider it a cook-at home Chef Boyardee. The $2.something package includes a pound worth of the good guys and costs $2.something. It’s very affordable.

They are good for taste. Sandy said it quite accurately, “They are more than half the good.” I’ll add that they are less than half bad. The other night, we boiled some to make a quick and easy dinner. Even though they had been swimming in the pot for quite a while, we found that they were still quite soft and chewy when we finally got to dig in. It’s probably more of our fault. While the pasta is reminiscent of the traditional semolina, the filling is a bit disappointing. The pasta is made from Parmesan cheese and breadcrumbs. It was good, but a bit too salty-gritty. The soups are still decent and we enjoyed our entire bowl. We won’t mind eating them again. The next time we make them, however, we will probably opt for the chicken broth soup option because they are a bit more delicious that way.

Sandy gives them three because she feels they’re better than ravioli. They’re durable and dry, which could be one of their disadvantages. Can we go back to unbearable humidity? Make sure you have shelter. Sandy explained that a three-person team is better than a half-dozen because she can only award 2.5. To think that she asks me to solve math-related problems, which is similar to asking for directions in a foreign place. I match the three of them.

The bottom line: 6 of 10 Golden Spoons
* Gonna be working on yet another collaboration with them soon! Keep tuned. God willing, one day we’ll be interviewed by Katie Couric.