Trader Joe’s Irish Whiskey Caramels

Trader Joe's Irish Whiskey Caramels

Connecticut law requires that pickles must be able bounce in order to qualify for sale.

Driving while cursed in Maryland is an offense.

Many states and places have strict laws that prevent you from walking past a movie theatre on Sundays while holding an icecream cone in your hand.

While there are many laws that are dumb, the one that causes me the most grief is the Pennsylvania law regarding alcohol sales.

It’s not possible to buy it in most other states. And definitely not in a grocery store, unless there’s a cafe attached to the store that can be thus considered a restaurant/establishment. Even then, they only sell beer and wine and not the hard stuff. That’s reserved for the state-owned-and-operated liquor stores. I kid you not.

No, we didn’t purchase Trader Joe’s Irish Whiskey Caramels in PA at a Trader Joe’s. While we don’t intend to snitch ourselves, authorities may already know. Elf on Shelf and all that. He’s the snitch.

Yes, these TJ whiskey chocolates arrived just in time to celebrate the holidays. A big thank you to Sandy’s friend is in order. These boozy bonbons will be a hit if you live close enough to get them. The dark chocolate shell was delicious, rich, and full of great cocoa flavor. It’s darkened at 65-70%, but I could be wrong. It isn’t bitter at all, but instead adds rich decadence.

This is how the Irish whiskey is infused into the rich, boozy caramel base. Single malt whiskey is mild and light, with a lack of bite that some other whiskeys. It is most evident right after the initial sweetness of the caramel and again at the end with the slightest of alcohol burn. But in the middle, it’s rich and almost too sweet. Key word: almost. The sweetness is held in check just enough to make it almost velvety.

These are delicious, it’s no surprise. One or two is enough. The eight-packs cost $3.99 and are a great little gift for anyone who needs them. These would be great if legal in my state. But, who knows what other type of heathenry could be allowed to flourish? Selling cars on Sundays is also illegal in this state. Double fours from the wife.

Bottom line: 8 out of 10 Golden Spoons for Trader Joe’s Irish Whiskey Caramels