Trader Joe’s In Shell Pumpkin seeds

Trader Joe's In Shell Pumpkin Seeds
Sandy and my first unofficial date was five years ago. Sandy, being the romantically labelled guy, still has a souvenir from that first magical night: a plastic baggie with pumpkin seeds. It was just weeks before Halloween, and I decided to carve pumpkins together with the cute girl I had managed to convince to talk with me. Of course, this was not taking into account the fact that I tend to get anxious and my hands become sweaty. This made it hard for me hold sharp objects.

Yes, I do still have the seeds from that first pumpkin we roasted. This is what I was hoping to eat for a little snack, but it may become a family heirloom. They will be a big hit with my almost 4-month-old daughter. Since then, we’ve only roasted pumpkin seeds a few times and only ate them quickly. It’s quite a task – cutting out the seeds, scooping them out, pulling the orangey goo strands, roasting them etc. We’re not sure if we’ll ever get around to it, much to our dismay. The best are always homemade.

We were able to get Trader Joe’s Shell Pumpkin Seeds as a consolation prize. These are exactly what you would expect from a bag full of pumpkin seeds. They’re just dry-roasted with some salt. Nothing special. They have all the good qualities that roasted seeds are known for – they can be nutty, earthy, sweet, and even sweet, just like pumpkin seeds should be. Some of the seeds are still slightly charred from their pumpkin guts, but that’s not what you would get in a regular homemade batch. What I loved about them was how fresh they tasted. I can’t believe I bought them before. They were so old I could have mistaken them for my daughter’s inheritance. It’s not true here. They are highly snackable and great for pairing with beer or keeping in the car as a driving snack ….. But don’t try to do them all at once. All drivers, be safe.

Sandy was seen gazing squinty-eyed over the pumpkin patch at times, and diabolically uttering “Your seeds are my desire, man.She likes pumpkin seeds, so trust me. Although she’s already said the majority of what I mentioned above, she noted that homemade pumpkin seeds are best roasted a little more to give them a better crunch. These will cost her 4 dollars, but she gently reminds me that we need to make them soon. Yes, love. I’ll continue to enjoy them and give them an 3.5.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Shell Pumpkin Seeds are 7.5 out of 10 Golden Spoons