Trader Joe’s Heat & Eat falafel

Trader Joe's Heat & Eat Falafel

In central Pennsylvania, there wasn’t much falafel-selling food options growing up. Although I knew about it in college, I didn’t try it until I moved to Los Angeles, where there were many Lebanese restaurants all around the city. Roro’sAnd a chain called Zankou. Falafel was sold in both restaurants. It was delicious. Tasty. The versatile chickpea (garbanzo beans) is a favorite of mine and I have loved them since they were first introduced to me at my local market. Bonanza SteakhouseSix years old and a salad bar

With falafel, though, the chick peas are mashed up with some choice spices, rolled into little balls and then deep fried. It’s making me hungry just thinking about it…

The Trader Joe’s frozen variety is my favorite. However, there have been rumors about fresh, non-frozen falafel from TJ’s. They actually suggest you reheat these frozen ones in the microwave, although the oven is an acceptable method as well. I didn’t put any hummus or fill my pita pocket with them before I tried one plain. Delicious!

They were delicious! Smooth and creamy Spicy Hummus from Trader Joe. Hummus is another chickpea derivative. This product doesn’t lie. I totally agree that it’s smooth, creamy, and spicy—but not too spicy. It’s just right. These flavors are great with falafel.

You can see it in this photo. It is the inner circle that gives rise to all the spiciness. There are dark flecks that contain some type of peppery stuff. It’s probably a peppery stuff. dark matter. This is what I would like to see in all of the dark matter, since it’s so delicious. Let me tell you, if all dark matter tastes like this, then we are in for a hot future once we really explore the depths of space.

Okay, that was weird. You just made me astronomical. To see if I was paying attention. Also, I needed some filler to expand this section beyond the photo of the Hummus. It never looks right when there are multiple pictures in a single review…But I know it’s weird.

But, let’s get back to the point… Finally, we ate the falafels and hummus in these Trader Joe’s Soy Pita Bread pockets. The perfect complement to all the flavors. Soy pita tastes just as good as regular pita. I could not tell the difference, to be honest. These may be because they contain almost as much wheat as soy. They are definitely not gluten-free. What are you going to do?

We have three big winners. Particularly the falafel. All of it is vegetarian. Let’s see our last look:

Trader Joe’s Heat & Eat Falafel. Sonia gives it an excellent 5. I rate it a 4.5. Bottom line: 9.5/10.

Smooth and creamy Spicy Hummus from Trader Joe. Double the 4.5’s 9/10.

Trader Joe’s Soy Pita Bread. Sonia gives it an 4.5. It gets a 4 from me. Bottom line: 8.5 out 10.