Gummy Tummies from Trader Joe

Trader Joe's Gummy Tummies
A few days ago, my wife shared with me something that could have completely changed my life. Russ Shelly is now in my home, on my IKEA-bought shelf in my kitchen, and I own my candy jar. You see, all I had done was to try. Know Three apothecary-jar-type items were located above the microwave. One was for granola bars, the other for hard candy, which I can ignore easily, and one was for tasty treats, which I have been assured are off limits at all times. It’s easy to guess which one I have. I think the reason there aren’t any tasty-tasties is that I ate all of them. Sandy is patient, as I mentioned before. She hides candy from me sometimes so that she can enjoy them over a period of days, weeks, or even months. The Girl Scout Tagalongs box we keep in our pantry is another example. Although I haven’t touched it, it is officially on notice. It is way beyond the statute of limitations for any claim of spousal possession. But I can see all the implications of this discovery. No more arguments over who ate which candy and who took it all. It is either in my jar, or it isn’t. I didn’t realize that was the system. As long as I can fill it up with better stuff than these delicious chunks (which we still have half of a bag), I’m fine.

But, I’d love to point outIt is a fact that I buy candy sometimes for us to share and not mine to keep. This is the case with Trader Joe’s Gummy Tums. Sandy loved gummy candies, and was obsessed with penguins so I bought them for her. You should have seen her at The. New England AquariumA few summers back, I was happy that she didn’t leap over the rail and begin swimming along. We had them for a few more weeks. Even though I considered taking them to work one day to have a snack, I decided not to. I waited until we needed something after-work to help us get through our IKEA baby furniture shopping run. My house feels like this. Fight Club: That scene sometimes).

The gummies were delicious. Friends, it’s nothing bad. It was definitely good. There are three flavors in each bag – strawberry, lime and cherry – and each piece of “penguin” has two facets. You will find the firmer, gummy main body and the liquidy, squishier tummy. They kind of splash out when you bite them. This might remind you of those Gusher thingsThese TJ gummies are a step up from the originals. Each flavor is great, but none of them are better than the other. They are all good and sweet enough without being too sweet.

Their only negative aspect is their inability to be a team. Although they are called penguins, the gummies look much more like a slightly frumpy penguin. GrimaceThey are more like any other aquatic arctic bird. They don’t look at all like penguins, in fact. That said, it can be a good thing. It means you are less likely equate eating them with spitting the blood of a poor penguin across your molars. If you’re willing to allow that soft stomach illusion, it can be really effective. ….

Other than that, TJ Gummy Tummies works pretty well. Sandy and me ate through the bag even though there was plenty of room for the $1.99. They were both very much loved by us, even though Sandy didn’t seem to have an opinion on the matter. It was like candy. It was candy. Strangely enough, I think that’s the way I approach most candy. Sandy has all the goodies while I am stuck with stale mouth mints. However, she did not give an exact score. I believe these are worth at minimum an 8/10. You can also split the spoons however you like.

Bottom line: 8 of 10 Golden Spoons for Trader Joe’s Gummy Tums