Trader Joe’s Grass Fed Anus Beef

Trader Joe's Grass Fed Angus Beef
We’ve reviewed a lot of fake meat products, including the Beefless Ground Beef. It’s only right that we occasionally review real meat, so you don’t think we’re trying to force you to follow our ways of living. This is not how we roll.

Sandy and I don’t really eat much meat. We eat chicken and fish more than red meat. It was a rare treat for me, and even more so for Sandy, that I bought a few steaks to grill the other week as a last-ditch effort to get my daughter’s ironing board up before her grand debut. Except for occasional dinners at places like BurgatoryBeef, whether it’s a sporadic cookout burger or a regular purchase, is not something we usually buy.

SO anyways, for all the reasons mentioned above, we purchased Trader Joe’s Grass Fed Angus Beef on our last trip to enjoy some burger lovin’. There are many grass-fed vs. wheat/grain-fed debates that you can read elsewhere on this Interweb. So I’m not going to go into those. As usual, I will be focusing on the taste. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how delicious it is. From the $5.99 one-pound hunk, I made four patties. Sandy prefers her burgers to be well done, or at least with no pink in them. I favor a medium-sized, juicy hamburger. We got the best of both worlds with this beef. Even though they were cooked to perfection and slightly charred on both sides, our burgers still had a delicious, juicy flavor. The burgers tasted great, and had a good beefy texture. It was delicious with the garlic salt, pepper, and kosher salt I added. Good stuff.

I have a problem with it. It’s not fair. Although Trader Joe’s is generally good for me, I have had enough produce spoil too quickly from them that I can’t trust them (hence, going to local farmer’s markets for that). We also find that the milk they sell goes bad before the date it was supposed to (hence, we always get our milk from Target). TJ’s meat hasn’t been as bad for us as ….. It states, “KEEP FLOOZEN.” It seems to me this may not be the best meat, as it must be kept frozen. frozen. It’s one reason that TJ’s keep their prices low. They buy food close to its expiration date and then sell it at a discount. This is not a problem for us with the beef, but it can be for others. This does put my wife and me in a quandary. We have to cook the entire thing at once, even though it is too large for one meal. Two burgers are now in the freezer, waiting to be reheated. It may come in handy in just a few more weeks. It’s just great that there is. Official word from TJI find it worthwhile to pay a little more for at least semi-respected meat because of their lack of pink slime.

But, I enjoyed our beef-full beef. Sandy agreed. I won’t be able to quote her directly, but she said something along the lines of “Oooh man it was good, it was just what a pregnant woman needed, a big ol’ chunk of CARNE to bite into that was all juice-going-everywhere-and-down-my-arms and delicious and stuff.” Umm, okay. She gave her “about four” and noted that, while it was far better than fast food standards, she isn’t enough of a beef expert to be able to distinguish this TJ incarne-ation from the truly outstanding stuff. It’s good, I don’t know. I think it’s comparable to the beef in tacos we had at my sister and brother in law’s tonight. Their beef comes from a hippie cow-huggin’ happy farm. I prefer something around four.

Bottom line: 8 out 10 Golden Spoons for Trader Joe’s Grass Fed Anus Beef