Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas!

Trader Joe's Gone Bananas!

Now it’s time to use a fictional adjective. Let’s try “Ridiculuscious!”

Although I was tempted to say “Stupidelicious”, I have already written about that word in a previous blog entry…either way, these delicious chocolate-covered frozen banana slices are perfect.

What can you do with chocolate banana? “Aren’t they all the exact same?” you might ask. These little treats only contain bananas and chocolate, so that’s why you might be asking. They also break down the chocolate into its components. Pretty straightforward…you got some sugar and milk and cocoa. “Soy” was the only word I needed more information about. Lecithin.” Wikipedia says that lecithin controls the flow properties of chocolate. It must have done its job because the chocolate flowed down my throat and into me with great ease and smoothness.

My wife scored a tragically low score of 4/5 for these because she has had a taste-aversion to chocolate bananas since the age 6. Our story will take us back to 1985, in Los Angeles, California. Her father bought her a chocolate banana from a street vendor. It was apparently a frightening, ghetto-style version of the traditional chocolate-banana. Within its dripping, melting, fake-chocolate shell, an old, semi-rotted, ultra-ripe banana waited…lurking…planning to ruin my poor Sonia’s opinion of chocolate-bananas forever. It succeeded. She was taken to the hospital and she vomited several times.

These Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas are delicious! Sonia’s sweet, chocolate-covered frozen banana bites are starting to heal. Slowly, the decades-old trauma is being replaced by good chocolate-banana memories.

My friends, that is the reason Sonia gave these a 4.

They are perfectly ripe. The bananas are perfectly ripe and not too young. The perfect size slices. Every piece is topped with just the right amount. There are no complaints. Before these TJ’s bites, my last chocolate banana was about six months back from Disneyland. The Disney version was fakey-type chocolate and the banana was not ripe enough. It cost around $100.

Summary: I love chocolate-bananas and Trader Joe’s Gone Bananas. These are some of the best chocolate-bananas that I have ever tasted. The banana bites are made with natural chocolate and perfectly ripe bananas. Perfect. From me, 5/5. Sonia only gives them a 4 instead of a 5, because she was a victim to a near-death banana tragedy when she was a child. Bottom line: 9/10.