Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Joe Joe’s

Trader Joe's Gluten Free Joe-Joe's
This is the truth. I am most likely the last person on the planet who should be reviewing them. I do not have gluten sensitivities, nor do I need to be careful about eating any food I eat. I don’t like Oreos or sandwich cookies. I will eat them all, but I won’t eat them all. I also hate Oreos and other cookie-types. A notable exception: Add mint and dip in dark chocolate.

Don’t worry, I do have a plan. This is a slight departure from my usual gluten-free outlook and healthy cravings for these kinds of cookies. Allison, one of my best friends, has had to change her diet to gluten-free for many years. Allison started sharing on Facebook how incredible Trader Joes Gluten Free Joes were.

“Eating gluten-free can help you find great substitutes (IF you’re lucky).
Look around, there are many bad gluten-free foods out there that you need to avoid.
However, products that can be used as a substitute for the original are just that: they are not good.
substitute. TJ’s Gluten-Free Joe-Joes is the first product that I have tried.
It was exactly the same taste as the original. They are deliciously chocolatey.
They have a wonderful texture that reminds me of Oreos (in fact, I think they are better).
because you can smell the vanilla bean’s middle. My friend had my
He tried them with his non-gluten-free spouse and loved them.
“I wouldn’t have been capable of telling the difference in a blind tasting test,” she wrote. “I would also add that great chocolate flavor to cookies or cakes (gluten).
It is difficult to decide whether you want to be free or not. Sometimes the chocolate flavor is bland.
Especially packaged cookies. These cookies provide a rich, robust experience.
A chocolate flavor that will satisfy every chocolate lover’s craving

There you go. Sandy and myself bought boxes of both the regular and gluten free guys to compare. While they’re very similar in taste, they’re quite close overall. However, Sandy and myself tended to prefer the gluten-free versions despite the almost identical flavor. The gluten-free cookies are chewier and have a more enjoyable crunch. Sandy said that she prefers the middles of gluten free cookies over the others, but I cannot tell the difference. 

Allison pointed out another difference, which I did not know about, but is apparently standard for gluten-free. Regular Joe-Joe’s were $2.99 for 42 cookies. That is about 7 cents per cookie. The gluten-free versions cost $3.99 and have 28 cookies, so a third more. This comes out to approximately 14 cents a piece. Another example is regular TJ’s macar ‘n cheese (yum!). The regular TJ’s mac ‘n cheese (yum!) retails for just a buck a carton, while the superior rice/celiac friendly version sells for a paper Jefferson. Yeesh. What can you do for gluten sensitive people with a tight budget? We are all grateful. Maybe I’m slow, but I don’t see any great reason for the wide range of price points. I find it a little unfair. 

It’s Golden Spoons time. This one is for two reasons. First, Allison is my top gluten-free expert, so I am giving her the benefit of scoring for me. Second, it’s clear that after 3.5 years of marriage and just over 1 year with our wonderful daughter, there is something I have learned. It’s the lesson that 3.5 years of marriage (and just under 1 year with a delightful daughter!) have taught me: When it comes to deciding who is more important, it’s not a question. Sandy was just going “mmmmm” as she ate a mouthful of the food and flashed all five fingers at me. This texture has a hook. Allison is in agreement. “I give it a five for great junk food (that would also make a fantastic pie crust), gluten-free or non. That’s it. All gluten-free people out there, rejoice.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s gluten-free Joe-Joe’s: 10 out 10 Golden Spoons