Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Ginger Snaps

Trader Joe's Gluten Free Ginger Snaps

Oh, Snap! These ginger cookies can be made gluten-free!

We have yet again a victory for Trader Joe in gluten-free-flavor and…a valiant effort by Trader Joe in gluten-free texture.

There’s an unexpected lemoniness to these cookies that makes them delightful at first bite. However, there is a gingeriness to these cookies. But that’s to be expected. I have mixed feelings regarding ginger. It is good for you. That’s good. It can also add flavor to cookies. That’s good. Sometimes it can be too flavorful. That’s bad. Ginger beer is an alternative. That’s good. Ginger tea. That’s bad. Ginger is a nasty enough ingredient by itself. That’s bad.

And ginger snaps? These are a hit-or-miss recipe. They are generally dry and snappy which might lend them to gluten-free. Unfortunately, I found these to be a little too dry and snappy for me. Too dry and snappy. Like tear-up-your-mouth-by-the-second-cookie kind of dry and snappy. Is my blood adding or subtracting from these delicious snacks? It’s kind of dry and snappy.

Sonia liked them very much. She sees where I’m coming from in the rips-your-mouth-to-shreds-worse-than-six-bowls-of-Captain-Crunch department. But her mouth seems a bit more resilient than mine due to three decades of continuous use. Real Mexican spices and L.A. food truck cuisine to build up her resistance to oral battery such as these weaponized cookies.

Rarely will you find a delicious food with such an inhospitable texture. I really wanted more… but I couldn’t bear to eat it. It’s like having a Slurpee that causes a brain freeze. But instead of being cold liquid it’s just super-crispy cookies. These five potential stars could be broken down into 2.5 stars each for taste and 2.5 for texture. All2.5 stars in the flavor arena noneThe texture arena stars. Although that might sound harsh, I still find myself compulsively rubbing the roof of my mouth to check if it has healed. I say if you’ve got a mouth of steel—or if you’re on a gluten-free diet and you need a tasty cookie, try them. Otherwise, steer clear.

Sonia rates them 4. Sonia is a tough cookie, just like these Ginger Snaps.

Bottom line: 6.5/10