Frosted Maple & Brown sugar Shredded Bite Size wheats from Trader Joe

Trader Joe's Frosted Maple & Brown Sugar Shredded Bite Size Wheats
When growing up, there are certain things that parents tell their children. Eat your vegetables. Do your homework. Stop hitting your sister. My parents weren’t the only ones to do this. Growing up, my parents used the same mantra: “Brush you teeth, wash your skin, comb your head,” It’s good advice for the morning. But at night? I believe in brushing twice per day. And I would also add that you should see your dentist twice a calendar year. I’ve been breaking the second rule for seven years and have had three root canals. Blah. Well, washing your face twice per day is a good idea. You can look great all day and your pillow won’t get dirty at night. Do you want to do your hair right before going to bed? Isn’t that absurd? You see, hair can get messed up at night and you would have it combed all over again the next morning before going to school. My guess is that my parents believed that if the Bogeyman was going after you, then you should look good.

My parents were able to instill in me the importance of breakfast. It was, in my opinion, the most important meal of the day. In an ideal world I would have eggs, bacon and pancakes with hashbrowns and coffee every morning. It would be amazing, but Sandy isn’t able to wake up at 6 AM every morning to make this for me. I’m usually busy vacuuming up a bowl of cereal, then luring Sandy into a crate with a treat, before heading to work.

This leaves me with the realization that I must like whatever cereal I eat and it has to be good enough to last me until lunch. Healthy cereal is always a plus.

Enter Trader Joe’s Frosted Maple & Brown Sugar Shredded Bite Size Wheats. That is a long name. This stuff is quite decent as a counter-acting dang. They are pretty much summarised by their name. The biscuits are tasty, small chunks of shredded whey that are crisp from the first bite. The last few in the milk-puddle are my favorite – crunchy in the middle, soggy outside. These are healthy, in the best possible way. The frosting is also pretty dapper. It’s a miniature work of art, with light brown and a few different shades of brown sugar and maple. Although the predominant taste is maple, the brown sugar adds a wonderful undertone to the flavor. It is both a treat for my sweet tooth and a pleasure to eat.

But how full is it keeping me? To gauge this, I will use what I call the “10 A.M. Test” to measure it. This is a test that measures how hungry I am at 10 a.m. after eating a bowl of cereal at landspeed record speed at 7 a.m. This test is failing for most cereals. They actually make me more hungry than if I were to skip breakfast. It does a better job than most. I was not hungry enough to resist my coworker’s offer of a doughnut. Some days, I feel a little bit of hunger, but not enough to warrant a full-blown rumbly. This is common with bowled breakfast offerings. It passes because I am deciding to grade on the curve.

Sandy says that I love this too. Sandy has only gotten a few from the most recent box. This is mainly because she doesn’t like the taste of this cereal. It’s not daycare, don’t you think? Sandy has had the chance to enjoy mini-wheats and was able to do so here and there. However, she said that she couldn’t give it an accurate grade beyond saying “it’s mapley”. Something about me hoarding it too often or something. It’s probably true at least partially. However, I will use the old trick of double my grade without the wifey score. This makes me feel a bit more insecure. The weight of responsibility and all …. make me feel even more insecure. I rank eight and a quarter, which is the highest I can rank any cereal. This is a pantry staple and will continue to be so.

Bottom line: 8.5% of 10 Golden Spoons