Trader Joe’s Fat Free Chile Mango Fruit Bloes

Trader Joe's Fat Free Chile Mango Fruit Floes

We were in a very mangoey mood on our last Trader Joe’s run—as you might have noticed, Yesterday’s postAlso, mango was involved.

A few months ago, the redesigned website was reviewed. Caribbean Fruit FloesThis was almost our “Pantheon” status. It was very tasty. Let’s now take a look these Chile Mango Floes. We’ll see how they stack up.

First of all, let’s make sure everyone knows exactly what’s going on here… This popsicle-like dessert is sweet and fruity. Thanks to our southerly friends, it also has chile. As in chile pepper…as in Spicy. For seven years I lived in Southern California. I remember being skeptical when I first learned about the practice of sprinkling chile powder onto fruit. Chile powder and corn on the cob made sense: salty and spicy. It works. But what about spicy and sweet? Mexicanos enjoy eating chile with mangos, watermelon, pineapples, and even their oranges. Hmmm… It took some convincing.

My first taste of mango con chile was at Disney’s California Adventure. I still have a clear memory of where I stood. Carlos, our friend, bought us a plate and shared it with us. It was delicious. It starts with the mango taste. As you chew the mango, there is a small burst of spice. It’s like the clichéed party in one’s mouth that everyone and his brother is invited to.

Later I tried a vending machines pop that contained mango-flavored candy. It was covered in a thick layer chile powder and sawdust. Although it came from a Hollywood laundromat, it clearly was imported from Mexico. Sonia loved these candies as a child. It was okay. It got better and better with every passing day. It was quite unpleasant. I had to swallow about 3/4 of the chile powder before the mango flavor even emerged.

These fruit flakes are very similar. Except that in this instance, the chile powder is not allowed to be removed from the candy. It is fully blended with the frozen mango juice. Remember how Sonia (me) always complains that the salsas don’t have enough heat or aren’t as spicy-tasting as the little chile pepper spiceo-meter would suggest on the packaging? This product is different! This is the most spicy thing I have ever tried from TJ’s. I am tempted to take the rest of the popsicles and let them melt. Then, I could use them as chips-dips. They may have gone a bit too far in the spice department. Sonia is also a spice addict. She grew up with these bizarre combination of spice and fruits that seem so foreign to me.

The upside is that you can still taste mango even with the strangely cold searing pain. There are also a handful of real mango chunks scattered throughout each popsicle—and they’re not chile-ified. They give your tongue time to heal after you chew them.

They’re all just kind of weird. Two people who love chile and mango. They’re not bad, but they’re best if the combination of chile, mango and pineapple is new to you.

Sonia gives them an 3. I give them a 3. Bottom line: 6.5 out 10.