Dealer Joe’s Fats Free Caribbean Fruit Floes

Trader Joe's Fat Free Caribbean Fruit Floes

In case you’re a type of folks that does not wish to eat frozen treats within the winter as a result of it is too chilly, to you I say simply flip up the warmth and faux you are on trip within the Caribbean, relax, and revel in some Dealer Joe’s popsicles.

I do know they’re not likely popsicles. They’re “floes.” Whoever Flo is, I am undecided. Possibly Flo-rida? The state? The rapper? “Dealer Joe’s Fruit Floes” does rhyme. This time the jingle needs to be reggae-style, and they need to have a singing monkey and a girl in a type of tall fruit hat issues just like the one the Chiquita banana lady wears.

At any fee, these “floes” come on wood popsicle sticks, they’ve chunks of fruit, however are largely frozen fruit juice. Sounds similar to a popsicle to me. However an excellent popsicle, I need to admit.

In case you’ve ever tried the Caribbean popsicles from Goal (the Archer Farms model), these are precisely the identical factor. I like them each. They’re very pure, just about all fruit bits and fruit juices, and because the label suggests, there is no fats! There’s pear juice, orange juice, bits of mango, guava, pineapple, and strawberries. They’re principally the orange-yellow shade you see on the field. And so they style that manner, too. They style orange-yellow. Not like synthetic color-style orange-yellow style, however all natural-style orange-yellow style…if that makes any sense.

Get 4 for $1.99.

I give them a 4.5 out of 5. Sonia did not strive them as a result of I used to be below the impression she wasn’t interested by guava-based Caribbean deal with thingies. That, and I am a gluttonous popsicle hog. I imagine Russ has set a precedent to easily double up on factors when solely a single reviewer has tasted the product, so we’ll simply go forward and do this. Backside line: 9 out of 10.