Trader Joe’s Egg Nog Icecream

Trader Joe's Egg Nog Ice Cream

As I said in a long, long time ago: I. LOVE. EGGNOG. Drinking a glass of smooth eggnog is, to me, like drinking liquid Christmas. Southern Comfort brand is still my favorite, but I love the Southern Comfort brand as well. Hood now, too. And as I mentioned before, Trader Joe’s brand falls somewhere in the middle of that list.

All these brands include no alcohol. SoCo was something I always thought ruined the rich, golden goodness of the nog until I discovered. Jägnog. Eggnog is too strong to be mixed with bourbon, whiskey, or rum. If you’re debating what to mix with your holiday beverage, it’s Jägermeister all the way. Trust me.
It’s not the best eggnog ice-cream for you if you’re deciding which brand to use. I can only recall ever having eggnog cream once or twice prior to this TJ’s pint. Turkey Hill. If I had to choose between them, I would pick TH.

Sonia is only now beginning to appreciate eggnog after a few years. However, she has come a long ways since her eggnog-free days. It’s now something she considers the “Nectar of the Gods” that it is. She has also discovered a way for Joe’s “Super Premium” eggnog ice-cream to be even more loved than mine.

What is it that I don’t like? It’s hard to pin down… but it’s boring. The flavor lacks spice to me. Although the ingredients do indicate that vanilla bourbon and nutmeg flavorings are present, it doesn’t feel that way to me. It is a large vat of yellowish sweetness, with some flecks or something else floating through it. You shouldn’t drink eggnog all the time, though. Ohhhmygoodness look at the nutrition information. 

It does Taste like eggnog—but it’s a very bubblegummy eggnog. I realize most eggnogs taste Similar to bubblegum, but if they added a little pink coloring, I feel like this could pass as “Trader Joe’s Bubblegum Ice Cream.” My biggest issue is the aftertaste. TJ’s Premium Egg Nog doesn’t leave any aftertaste, but this stuff sticks to my living room carpet like pine needles in January. Sonia says she didn’t notice it. I am curious if I’m the only one here. Who’s right? Me? Or my lovely wife? We know that the wife is right, but who are we to judge? Really right? Comment below if you have tried this ice-cream.

Sonia rates this eggnog-ice cream 4 stars. It gets 2.5 from me.

Final verdict: 6.5 points out of 10.