Trader Joe’s Effervescent Orange Vitamin C Mix

Trader Joe's Effervescent Orange Vitamin C Drink Mix

This blog has over 500 reviews. The majority are Trader Joe’s brand food and beverages. There have been exceptions. One or two that we’ve deemed “Not suitable for human consumption.” There have been One or two that haven’t actually been Trader Joe’s brand. There’s been food fit for animals—and of course animal food fit for humans. We’ve entirely avoided reviewing Trader Joe’s fine line of household cleaners, flowers, hygiene and beauty products. Yes, you can find all of those things at TJ’s, and the fewThat we’ve tried we’ve been fairly impressed with.

This product now walks that fine line between “beverage”, and “medicine.” And while one might argue that TJ’s beers and wines can be used for “self-medicating” purposes, this is fairly new territory for us. This means that we won’t be in a position to give you any information about the product’s immune system-boosting properties. While I would be happy to, You can eat from a dog bowlI don’t want to be exposed to cold germs in a scientific setting.

I will admit, however, that this time of year is often when I get sick. It seems that many people are sick at this time of the year. It seems like there is a cycle of colds when the weather changes. Fearing that I might find contradictory information, I am not going to investigate that claim. Sonia is adamant that people become sick when spring arrives. This is good enough for me. Despite that fact, neither one has fallen ill this year. Could this be evidence that this product can actually strengthen your body’s natural defenses. I’m convinced…Perhaps.

This product, however, is a store-brand version. Emergen-C. Emergen-C has been a favorite of ours for years. We always have it on hand in our home. We enjoy the taste and nutritional benefits of Emergen C. Sonia used to make a habit of drinking a glass with her dinner, whenever she ran out of juice or iced water. She loves the sweet flavor and can enjoy it just for the taste. TJ’s version has this as its biggest problem. It just doesn’t taste as good. It isn’t bad, but it tastes less orangey and sweet than the brand name product we are used to. It’s less pungent—less flavorful all around.

Similar to Emergen C’s nutrition information, this product contains 1667% RDA for your vitamin C and 500% vitamins B-6 & B-12. I get a slight energy boost from both products, especially when they aren’t sick. TJ’s version of Emergen-C is slightly more expensive at $7.99 for 30 packets. It’s a good product. However, we recommend Emergen-C as it is much better tasting. Sonia gives it 3 stars, and I give it 3.5 stars.

Final verdict: 6.5 points out of 10.