Trader Joe’s Dolmas

Trader Joe's Dolmas

In general, January is the most popular month in Pittsburgh Sucks. Even worse is this year with the Steelers losing the regular season to injury and missing the playoffs. The Cleveland Browns, a band of thugs, are heading to the AFC Championship Game. Ugh. I won’t go on about it. It’s just too depressing. It’s typical January weather here: gray, cold, windy, and without the sun for days. It is usually quite bad. Are you suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD)? It’s something that I completely believe in.

Mother Nature gave us a break this weekend, with sunny skies and clear skies. Highs in the 60s. It’s almost springlike, any reasonable person would say. One of the best parts about spring in Pittsburgh is all the Greek food festivals that are held (lots Greek Orthodox Churches). So the warm weather got me thinking about them. It’s all good to have hope, I suppose.

So even though I didn’t have any of those, I decided to go with one of my favourite Greek treats, TJ’s style, and some Trader Joe’s Dolmas. “Settle” is usually a strong word. However, they have done well with other Hellenic delights. This stuffed snack is a good example of “settle”. They are delicious. I love the leaves. Although they are a bit oilier than usual, their texture is just right. However, I think they have a little too much. It has a little lamb, especially. It’s possible that I’m a bit spoilt, but I’m used lamb meat in my grape leaves and these don’t have any. It is interesting that the package isn’t labeled “vegetarian” but the ingredient rundown does not list any meat products. I believe this to be chicken broth. It’s a good attempt. The rice tastes good, and the flavors are right, but I don’t think the word “okay” is the best.

Sandy would not eat one of these if I offered her a million drachmas. The cold grape leaf wrapper gets to Sandy and she just can’t get over it. Although I don’t like being a solo judge, she would give these zeros, which is not fair. This is my fault. They are tasty enough, and they make a good snack that is healthy. These are definitely filling, especially for the two small bites that you get. I find them a little bit too filling and make me want spring with all its food festival glory. I think it sounds like three.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Dolmas 6 out of 10 Golden Spoons