Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Filled in Speculoos Cookie Butter

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Filled with Speculoos Cookie Spread

Recently, I wrote that Sonia and me don’t buy random chocolate bars at TJ’s. This was a big lie. That was exactly what we did on the last Trader Joe’s trip. The success of such items like the Speculoos Cookie Butter Other dark chocolate candy bars such as This oneWe decided that this small snack was worth the purchase.

The chocolate bar was delicious. The main ingredients were not combined. quite like I had They did what they promised. You’ve probably tried the Cookie Butter. It’s quite sweet, with a lot of flavor. But the bitter, rich taste of the dark chocolate was sufficient to almost drown out the speculoos. They didn’t skimp on the Cookie Butter. It would seem that the gingerbread sweetness of the cookie butter would dominate each chocolate square. But, sadly, it is not. There was a hint of creaminess in each little chocolate square, but it still felt and tasted basically like a regular dark chocolate bar—not unlike this one. 

This is a safe buy, as long as you love dark chocolate. Even if gingersnap-type flavors are not your thing, I don’t think the chocolateiness is compromised by it. This chocolate bar might not deliver the TJ’s Speculoos Cookie butter you love and are used to. I would like to have the same experience with milk chocolate or white chocolate. I think that the flavors will blend together a bit better. A little more cookie butter would be a good idea, too.

Sonia rates this little treat at 3.5. You too.

The bottom line: 7 stars out 10