Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds

Marriage is wonderful. It can be difficult, but it can also be very funny for Sandy and I. I love the stuff we fight about. We have been married for 2049 consecutive days as of the time I am writing this. Sandy has looked at me approximately 2000 times and grumbled “You know, Sandy, I will organize the pots and pans cabinet, and you WILL learn how to properly put them away.” This is the only time she hasn’t said it: holidays, Christmas, anniversaries. One or two of our children’s birthdays. A random Tuesday in 2012. When I was given the stinkeye for throwing something in, she made it worse. “It isn’t funny!” She exclaimed as she walked around the room, giving me a well-deserved peg in my arm. I laughed even harder which made her crack. It’s great.

A second thing that drove her crazy was when I ate her baggie full of Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds. It didn’t matter that the baggie had been kept in the fridge for 2 weeks. I was sure she forgot about it. It didn’t matter that I was busy patching up plaster on our third floor to make it the TV/family area. I could not take her to her bath without her book, her iced tea, and her chocolate almonds. Guilty.

Well, it’s all right. These little chocolate-nutties are delicious and well worth the spousal ire. They are simple, and don’t have any extraneous details. You might picture a traditional dark chocolate almond. Each crunchy nut is enveloped by a thin, soft layer of bittersweet chocolate. It gives it a delicious, smooth taste that is very pleasant. My taste buds are more fortified by the bittersweet chocolate, although I have become quite used to it, even going so far as to start to enjoy raw cacao nibs. It’s hard to beat these for a small snack that can satisfy your sweet tooth and give you some energy, even at 99 cents.

One quick word: Nuts and dark chocolate = lots fat and calories. Saturated. These are not exceptions. My conclusion: I have lost significant weight over the past year following a Paleo diet. These kinda fit in, sorta. It all depends on where you put dark chocolate. I’m giving it a pass. I haven’t once checked calories or double-checked the amount of fat I have eaten in the last year. I’ve also had many occasions when I ate more than the almonds or chocolate I consume in a given day. You can take note of the calories and fat content and adjust your consumption accordingly. For me, I don’t view them as a dietbreaker or a cheat as long as I consume them in moderation.

Sandy and I both love them. To keep the peace, I bought four bags last week, one for me and two for Sandy. So far, so good. Maybe I’ll even share my bag with her. Survival is only possible when you are distracted. We offer double fours.

Bottom line: 8 out 10 Golden Spoons for Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds