Dealer Joe’s Crunchy Jalapeño Lime & Onion

Trader Joe's Crunchy Jalapeño Lime & Onion

The summer season of taste is alive and nicely on the native TJ’s. Was this time of yr was the lazy dogdays earlier than the oncoming pumpkin spice storm which shall be descending in simply mere weeks…however no, not this yr. So many strong debuts and whereas there’s been misses, they have been few. 

This week, it is the brand new Dealer Joe’s Crunchy Jalapeño Lime and Onion.

A lot in the identical vein because the Chili Onion Crunch, this succulent slurry consists of crispy little onion and garlic chips floating round in olive oil. However this time, add a variety of lime and cilantro in there too. And I imply, rather a lot, as a result of far and away that is what you are gonna style right here. It is so limey that after a number of tastes I am certain I booted scurvy a number of extra years down the highway. It is so citrusy and acidic and kinda bitey, however then every thing else kinda begins coming in. Cilantro, for certain, however the onion and garlic, adopted finally by the jalapeño which leaves a residual burn. Positively, it really works.

Use most any means you’d use the Chile Onion Crunch. Personally, as a roasted veggie fan, that’d be the way in which I might go as a rule, however I might additionally see this as marinade or varied types of mix-ins. 

The value did appear a contact excessive at $4.49 for the small jar. Then once more, what does not appear a bit expensive nowadays, so take that as you’ll. For me, the worth set it as a a few times curiosity or novelty purchase, however it’s gonna be removed from a staple there. 

Not slam dunk fanatastic ut removed from dangerous. Appears like a pair 3s to me. 

Backside line: Dealer Joe’s Crunchy Jalapeño Lime & Onion: 6 out of 10 Golden Spoons