Trader Joe’s Crispy Jalapeño Pieces

Trader Joe's Crispy Jalapeño Pieces

 Another day, another quick hit. As the world wakes up, so it is with my family. 

You don’t need to know all the details. You are looking for a Real Quick hit? Grab a shortie of Trader Joe’s Crispy Jalapeño Pieces next time you see them. They are either $1.99 (or $2.99), but that doesn’t matter. 

Crispy. Crunchy, a little greasy Fleshy. Spicy. Perfect. It was love at the first sight. This is a great idea. Take a few and put them on everything you eat. Burger? Taco? Pizza? Salad? Eggs? Soup? Sandwich? Mashed potatoes? Mac n Cheese? Maybe even ice cream. All of them, and more. 

This is not a magical or mystical recipe. It’s just thin slices of jalapeño battered lightly and fried (presumably) into an irresistably crunchy topping. Let’s just say, snack. I consumed almost 2/3 of a canister by myself. I stopped because I didn’t want my wife’s fury to consume me as I enjoyed chili later that evening. These cannisters are incredible. 

My only complaint? My only complaint? Those pieces are the best, when your teeth cut thru the crispy shell and sink into that mildly spicy, fleshy jalapeño….man, I’m making myself hungry again. They are delicious and I love them. There were several middle-sized guys, and there were plenty of empty fried breadcrumbs. Those are all tasty as well…but we’re here for the big tasty jalapeños. 

You won’t regret buying them. This beer pairs well with a hoppy IPA.  It’s delicious and damn near perfect. 

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Crispy Jalapeño Pieces: 9 out of 10 Golden Spoons