Trader Joe’s Corn Penne Pasta

Trader Joe's Corn Penne Pasta
It’s ridiculous, but I feel bad for those with celiac disease and other gluten intolerances. It’s not something I feel sorry for, but I think it’s a mild case if self-judgment that I can eat almost anything I like, while others with gluten intolerances or allergies can’t. Dangit, gluten is in just about everything, which, from the outside, is a real pain. Although it’s not glamorous, it isn’t the most famous. Celiac celebrityKeith Olbermann, for goodness’ sake. I don’t think glamour when I think about Keith Olbermann. Keith Olbermann. Nevertheless, both Drew Brees Posh SpiceThere’s hope! Although I think Trader Joe’s does a better task than other shops in providing a gluten-free option, my experience has been mixed. Perhaps it’s because I can only recall one good treat. Nathan found a great one. I remember trying the TJ’s rice flour tortillas, and they were so awful I cringe just thinking about them. Let me just say it: YUCK. BLAHHH. DISGUSTING. They are DISGUSTING.

Corn’Although it can be used for just about anything and everything nowadays, this is the first time I’ve ever seen it used in making pasta. This seems like a simple yet brilliant idea, despite its somewhat redundant name. There is no indication, other than the packaging that it’s not the usual semolina fare. Although the penne is a bit thicker than the standard and slightly yellower, it would be difficult to tell them apart in a police lineup. I would also suggest that they take a bit longer to cook. You can boil them and then put some sauce on top (pictured here with the marinara of roasted garlic). [meh]Meatless meatballs [see this for my general thoughts on them, it’s close enough])*, and you got a plate or bowl full of a pretty tasty dinner. Sandy said she could taste it – “It slides in here, there, and tastes kinda like a cornchip,” she said. Nah. It tastes and looks so much like the real thing that I find it difficult to distinguish. It’s an honor.

I have nothing to complain about the corn pasta. In fact, I hope TJ’s expands their range to include other pastas. They’re affordable at $1.39 per pound. They are that good. Who knows? Maybe they will be a game changer in gluten-free baking. They are not stars, but that doesn’t mean I won’t rate them. Sandy, as always, said it best. She said, “I would rate them higher but…well, they aren’t special enough.” “It’s almost like I wish they were different from regular pasta to make them stand out more. It’s a fairly accurate statement. A pair of matching fours made by the two of you would be a good fit.

Bottom line: 8 of 10 Golden Spoons for Trader Joe’s Corn Penne pasta

*Let’s see, for dinner I ate pasta made from corn and meatballs made from, well, something not meat. If the sauce wasn’t made from tomatoes, I *do not* want to know what it was.