Trader Joe’s Coffee á Cocoa

Trader Joe's Coffee á Cocoa

This item was probably first brought to our attention via Instagram. Sonia pointed out the photo to me, and somehow I got the impression that it was like a mixture of hot chocolate and coffee.

It’s not.

It’s coffee with Traces of chocolatiness. If I had to be generous, I would describe it as having a chocolate finish. People like me, who don’t enjoy the taste of coffee, find it disappointing. Although I don’t know what “Chocolate Fudge Oil”, it isn’t nearly as chocolaty as it sounds. I haven’t heard of it, but I lived in Chocolate Town for five years. You’re right. It’s only a few blocks from Hershey Park. The smell was similar to chocolate. However, it is believed that the chocolate scent was artificially made to mask the smell from the nearby sewage treatment facility. It was used for mulch by people who used cocoa shells. However, there was not much talk about chocolate fudge oil. It’s not as chocolatey.
While I love Hershey’s chocolate, it’s not the best, even by chocolate snob standards. Like coffee, I’m not really into chocolate all that much, either—Hershey’s or otherwise. I am not one of those people who is obsessed with chocolate. Dislikes chocolate, either. When given the choice between chocolate or coffee, I’ll choose chocolate. Because Hershey’s is my favorite, I always mention it. It was my home.. It’s my main reference point. It’s what is familiar to me. If I had grown up in Bruges, I would undoubtedly have an extraordinarily sophisticated Belgian Chocolate reference point that would make me seem waaay more suave, sexy, and worldly. But, hey, Pennsyltucky is where I am. Go Hershey Bears!

On the can, there is mention of “mocha”. However, the mochas I have had are more heavy on the chocolate. This can be made by filtering ground coffee and placing it in a coffeemaker. This is not a powdered mix like hot chocolate.

It does, however, have a rich, medium dark roast flavor. Smooth and slightly nutty as the can says. If I didn’t expect something “choco-riffic”, I might have been more impressed. This might have been a random Brazilian Arabica Coffee and not so heavily chocolate-focused. As I’ve written beforeA coffee’s success can be measured by how much sugar or milk it needs to taste good. I made this happy blend with relatively little.
This is why I’m giving it three stars. Wait…three and a quarter stars. No. Wait. Three stars. Let me make a confession. Sonia is usually not here so I sometimes guess her score. Although it was just an estimate of my part, I publish posts with her score. I then pass it off to her as her official score. But the truth is that I almost always get it right. I’m almost always right. I will guess her score for this product. I believe she will give it 4 stars. It’s not rocket science. She is a predictable girl. That’s LASS, with a “L.” Gotta like her. So adorable.

Aha, her text just came in. It was correct. It’s a 4.

So. Final verdict: 7/10