Trader Joe’s Cocoa Dipped Kettle Corn

Trader Joe's Cocoa Drizzled Kettle Corn

Sandy, my lovely, beautiful wife, and we just celebrated three wonderful years of marriage bliss. She has many great ideas but an uncanny sense of timing. Her recent push to join Weight Watchers is a classic example. We both have a few extra pounds now – she with the totally, 100% valid reason of losing a few more stubborn weights after having our baby a few weeks back, and I with the not as-completely valid, maybe 50% reason of eating too many sympathy cheeseburgers during the pregnancy. While I don’t object to Weight Watchers, I do know that it has helped many people and I could certainly use the support. But, what about the week leading to Thanksgiving? With Christmas and holiday parties right around the corner? She knows the capabilities of our mothers around holidays when everyone’s together. No wayThat’s conducive for any weight loss plan. People wait until New Year’s Day to make any real efforts about these things. She could have said “Hey, let’s start watching what we eat, eat some things in moderation, and mix in a handful of salads every once in a while, blahblahblah”, then drop in the Weight Watchers bit after Christmas, and there’s a good possibility I wouldn’t find the timing to be odd.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be odd to her if she was insistent that we grab a bag Trader Joe’s Cocoa Drizzled Kattle Corn. Popcorn is an excellent healthy snack. Kettle corn isn’t bad either. Maybe even adding little chocolate strips to kettle corn isn’t the worst thing, but it just seems a bit…gratuitous. It doesn’t seem necessary to have a little treat, which is fine all by itself. So that’s what I thought.

It turns out that this popcorn is very tasty. It’s fairly standard popcorn if you only consider the “sans chocolate” portion of the kettle corn. It has the right texture and crunch with just a hint of sweetness. It’s not remarkable or anything to be proud of, but it isn’t bad. Sprinkle some milk chocolate on top and we’re off to the races. TJ’s doesn’t sell too many chocolate-covered snacks. This allows you to still enjoy the slight saltiness of the popcorn and the Hershey-fied sweetness. This is a positive or negative thing about the chocolate. It’s sensitive to touch and can be seen as either a second-degree burn or a broken Dalek. It took just a few seconds to transfer the chocolate from the bag to the mouth by hand. The chocolate was melted enough to leave brown spots on our hands. You can think of it as portion control. Grabbing it by the handful would result in a mess. However, if it is not handled properly, there will be problems. Make your own judgment.

Sandy didn’t answer the question as to how she would score this. The most important thing I have learned in the past four months is to not wake the baby and not wake the mama unless absolutely necessary. It doesn’t make sense to ask her about her score so I’ll have to guess for her. Hmmmm…well, despite our many-conversations about healthy eating aspirations (hence, the Dalek reference), we did manage to store the bag in two short sessions. I can tell that we enjoyed it almost equally. I don’t know which of us would have preferred it, but I think we both liked it. It’s okay. Split as you please.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Cocoa Drizzled Kttle Corn: 8.5 Out of 10 Golden Spoons