Choczilla Nut pie by Trader Joe

Trader Joe's Choczilla Nut Pie
For a couple alleged grown-ups, my sister and I have a little too much of a weird things going with tyrannosaurus rex*. I and my sister engage in what we call a “trex hug”, where we stomp up to each others while snorting and holding our arms high – this happened right in the middle if my wedding reception. Sandy laughs it off. My sis and me routinely exchange photos like This oneOder This oneI was absolutely thrilled when she gave it to me, This shirtFor Christmas gifts. Don’t ask me why, but I love stuff like that (I think of it as an alternate icanhascheezburger-type thing) and by extension love the old Godzilla movies (even though they’re now the reason why I hate ketchup, but that’s a tale for another day). These are comparison graphics This oneMakes me even more excited for Lil’ Russandro/a’s arrival in June.

You want me to buy something, you know? It can be a t-rex or something very similar. You can also add the fact that it is Sunday evening and you are flying alone.

Except, for sA Trader Joe’s Choczilla nut pie is a dish that severely lacks both chocolate and nuts. It’s essentially a regular pecan pie with dark chocolate stripes on the top and a few milk chocolate chips below. It’s delicious, and it’s definitely not bad. But it’s nowhere near Aunt Brenda’s homemade pecan pie. This is the one I compare all pecan pies to. Hers is heavy and full of pecans. This? It’s mostly the mushy underneath that is visible. It makes the pie taste richer, and maybe a little more chocolaty than it is. The crust is store-brand, so I can’t speak for them. Ohbytheway, you don’t need to squint to see the nutritional information. It’s atrocious.

The name “pecan pie with chocolate” would have been a better description. If you really need a reptilian-mascot, you could use a gecko (they can sell car insurance), or a snake. It’s hard to imagine what this would have to do with pecans. Maybe a mild chipmunk might be better. My problem is that “Choczilla Nut Pie”, the name, conjures up an image a very nutty, chocolately pie. It’s not. And honestly, it’s delicious. It is certainly better than some other types of pie. chocolate piesThere is plenty of it, but overall the pie is just too small.

Sandy agrees with me completely. It could use more of one or the other and it would be so much better. She said that it was still delicious, even though it is a little weak. I agree. I agree. It’s unlikely that this will be a regular purchase so I’ll opt for a 2.5 instead of the three Sandy awarded it. This is a lot like the arms of an ostrich.

Bottom line: Trader Joe’s Choczilla Nut Pie – 5.5 out 10 Golden Spoons
*Apparently “tyrannosaurus rex” is both singular and plural. Who decides these rules? Jeez. This just seems wrong, but it also does not make sense for “tyrannosaurus regis” or “tyrannosaurus exces” or any other similar species.