Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chunk Cantuccini

Trader Joe's Chocolate Chunk Cantuccini

As I enter my late thirties, I am realizing that adulthood is about learning to accept and appreciate different forms of bitterness. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s like coffee. Or alcohol. Or, even, disappointment. Those are all the cups that I often drink.

TJ’s products are causing me to be a little disappointed, and Trader Joes Chocolate Chunk Cantuccini is just another example of this trend. This is partially my fault. While semi-listening to my bride talk about her recent TJ’s trip and other details, I heard her say “blahblahblahchocolate something-chini biscotti” which, in my mind, instantly translated into biscotti inspired by chocolate zucchini bread. That sounds interesting and appropriate for the season, as well as something that Joe might make. If you’ve never had great zucchini bread, I don’t know what else to say.

Imagine my disappointment when I put one of these mini Italian cookies in my mouth and it tasted exactly like a chocolate chip biscotti. It was just smaller.


Cantuccini, that’s what I should have known, is what I should be hearing. You don’t know what this is? I’m not familiar with the term. However, it seems that it is almost interchangeable with biscotti (i.e. biscuit), except that cantucci come from Tuscany more and the -ini indicates they are smaller. Meh.

It’s small chocolate chip biscotti. There’s nothing more. The flavor is a little bit sweet and bitter, but not quite as strong as a chocolate chip cookie. The only thing missing is icing and any other extras. There are very few chocolate chips to try to break up this monotony. They are also smaller so they can’t be dipped into tea, coffee, milk, or any other beverage. Because of their smaller size, they are also crunchier. Sandy stated that they did not seem to soften when dunked.

Blah. Disappointment. These little biskies were so cute! They aren’t anything special, and they don’t have any unique characteristics. They are boring. I’m disappointed. However, I can still accept that I’m disappointed. This is the beauty of life. Matching twos in our house to yours.

Bottom line: 4 out 10 Golden Spoons for Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chunk Cantuccini