Dealer Joe’s Chile Spiced Pineapple

Trader Joe's Chile Spiced Pineapple

Maybe this isn’t a common fact, however right here in Pittsburgh it’s: Irrespective of how chilly it’s, you may positively see a man sporting shorts. 

Certain, it is true now, on the finish of February and us going by way of the interminable “false spring” the place temps hit the 50s earlier than plunging again to subzero the next week. heck, I used to be the dude in dungarees earlier at the moment. However even within the midst of coldest, darkest, polar vortex-est winter, you may see it: a man sporting shorts. Assured. 

What’s this need to do with Dealer Joe’s Chile Spiced pineapple? Glad you requested. The reply is, clearly,, properly… see…no concept. One thing one thing promise of heat and maybe summery however actually not fairly there and stop fooling your self. Yeah…one thing like that. 

I picked up a small sack of eight slices on my newest TJ’s run. No concept in the event that they’re newish or not, however I hadn’t seen them earlier than, and thought them to be a summery wanting chunk, with maybe a bit intrigue. For lower than $3, it was a simple promote.

The precise product although? Ugh. It fails to ship, with seemingly a two fold drawback. 

First: the precise texture. I used to be anticipating dried pineapple just like the little chunks, you’d discover ain a snack combine. You realize, dry, kinda chalky, a wee bit stiff and fibrous. That is an awesome texture. these rings, although? They’re gentle and pliable and rubbery, as in the event that they had been halfbaked. Like a foul fruit jerky. It isn’t a satisfying or texture to need to attempt to rip off chunks together with your enamel as an alternative of a cleaner chunk. No thanks. 

However then here is the rub…actually. That chile seasoning shouldn’t be so nice, and it is simple to see why. however first, a bit background: if you happen to’re not accustomed to pineapple, it is candy with a whole lot of sugar. The pineapple here’s a common pineapple, simply surprisingly chewier. So, innately talking, there’s already  loads of sugar….so WHY ADD MORE SUGAR TO A SPICE RUB FOR SOMETHING ALREADY SO SUGARY??? A rub like this would possibly work on a pork butt however a sugary fruit? No! The result’s an over cloyingly candy style attempting to steadiness out some seasoned burn from chile peppers and pals let me inform you that this is not taking place right here. It is all out of whack and simply not superb. Barely any spice could be detected – a bit, however not sufficient, particularly for a way crimson and potent every slice seems to be. 

Not a fan. I am going to end the bag…ultimately….perhaps…and be executed with it for good. I simply do not like being ignored within the chilly like that. My pretty bride is not a lot of a fan both. I believe we’ll be good and by some means give the psuedo-spicy sugary pineapple chew rings a 3 between us. 

Backside line: Dealer Joe’s Chile Spiced Pineapple: 3 out of 10 Golden Spoons