Trader Joe’s Chile Spiced Mango

Trader Joe's Chile Spiced Mango
Nathan and me are pretty similar. Both of us love Trader Joe’s food and blog about it. We graduated from Penn State around the same time and our coverage was significantly better than our much more beautiful wives. My family when they first saw us. The Daily Meal’s good people wrote this articleAccording to our photos, it’s possible that we were twins at birth. If this is the case, I have a dark family secret that I don’t want you to know. I am the most squinty looking man.

Sometimes it seems that we have very similar shopping habits and curiosities. Sandy bought a Trader Ming treat that looked delicious a while back and was planning to eat it one night so Nathan could review it. Same delicious beef and broccoli treatThat was dropped. Doh. Doh. adventurous chile-mango comboAt the same time, I did it too… he did the frozen one but I got the dried fruit version. Whew.

My amazing Comcast Internet connection, however, has been down for the past week, and I have not been able to post reviews or write any content. Thank you for your patience, sir.

Nathan, however, is a Pennsylvania boy who was not used to chile-mango as a flavor combination growing up. My childhood favorite flavor combination was adding pretzels to our ice cream. I’ve been twice to Mexico but I have yet to experience the chile-fruit phenomenon. This is my first attempt at this gustatory realm.

It’s not something I’m willing to give up on quite yet, but I don’t think the Trader Joe’s Chile Spiced Mango dried fruit chunks made the best introduction. My problem is that a flavor combination must have at least two flavors. These are all you can taste but the chile. The mango pieces are coated with the chile like sand on some cheap paper. The mango flavor is almost indistinguishable because it’s dried fruit. Juiciness is the essence and essence of mango flavor. It is not an easy task, and the heat from the spices can make it difficult to achieve. I wish Trader Joe’s would cut down the spice and redistribute in other goods. Let the mangoey goodness shine! It’s so unbalanced it’s not really working.

Sandy and me tried a piece at once. She didn’t have quite The reaction I was expectingHowever, it was not exactly positive. Although she did manage to finish off the small amount she did take, that’s all she will ever have. They are delicious, and I enjoy them. It’s not that these are too spicy (though they may be the spiciest thing TJ’s has ever sold), but the heat drowns out any hint of mango. You could honestly tell me that these were chunks of hard orange leather stuffed with chile, and I wouldn’t be surprised. The only thing I am looking forward to with these is bringing them to work, having them on the desk, and challenging my coworkers to try them. My shaved hair, expressed love for long bike rides and French press coffee are all reasons they think I’m odd enough. I might be able to bring in the rest of these guys, which could make me even more interesting.

Sandy gives them a 1. I will be slightly more gracious and give them a 2. It’s a lot like my thoughts about chocolate-flavored gum and cupholders in my Subaru. Good idea, but it doesn’t work in practice.

The bottom line: 3 of 10 Golden Spoons