Trader Joe’s Chickenless Crispy Taters

Trader Joe's Chickenless Crispy Tenders
One thing that I love/hate is the Internet is the comments that people leave at articles’ end. I love all the comments that you, our loyal readers, leave for our articles. You can also see the comments section on any CNN article and you will find that I am not a fan. This is because I have enjoyed the comments that people leave on this article over the last few months. The Daily Meal Shine! Yahoo! (same article). It’s possible that it was how you came across our blog, as it has seen a lot of traffic since last summer. But man, the comments….some are kind, some like to rip on me because I admitted to not really liking sushi and so I *cannot* be a legitimate foodie reviewer (which I’ve made no claim to ever being), but one in particular got my attention, and gets me rolling on the floor. It was left by someone who said that Nathan and me are undercover rogue vegetarians trying brainwash society to give up meat. This is a man who keeps a spreadsheet listing all the animal species he has eaten. delicious) and loves bacon, meatloaf, medium raw steak, and even scrapple. Listen, you must. ReallyScrapple is my favorite animal-related stuff. A friend of mine best describes it as “Eastern PA Haggis”, so you can use your imagination. Nathan was a friend of mine in college, so I can recall some details about his diet. Let’s just say that there weren’t many quinoa and vegetable nights.

Yes, I like some Trader Joes meatless/fake beef products. They are so familiar that I have already gone through them many times and I won’t be repeating it. Sandy asked me why we eat soy/grain-based fake meat when we love the real thing equally. She replied that she hadn’t had a bad experience yet. It’s true, and when we saw the new bag of Chickenless Crispy tenders in the freezer aisle, it was clear that it was time to give it another try.

It’s not bad. You get nine tenders in bite-sized portions for $2.99. This is enough to feed two adults. For a quick and easy dinner, we baked them with some delicious Trader Tots. This “meat”, unlike other fake chicken products, tastes and feels a bit different. It is meant to be as close as possible to a real chicken chunk. The crispy tenders taste very similar to the real thing but have a texture and bite that is closer to the actual chicken meat. Does this make sense? There are no real complaints. The breading is also good. I liked the idea of adding oats and bits of undetermined-what to make it a bit more interesting. It stuck to the baking sheets a lot and it seemed like there was not much flavor. It’s okay if you consider chicken strips as dipping condiment delivery devices. In fact, they tasted great with the sweet chilli sauce and hot sauce that we had on hand. But, still, a bit more black pepper or paprika would’ve made all the difference.

Sandy and me liked them. As someone who has spoken about it a few times, if there is anyone on the blog team who could convince you to eat vegetarian, it would be Sandy. It amazes me how quickly this thought train derails when she does. “Yeah. We’d get those again,” she replied. We’d definitely do it again, I think. These aren’t the best fake meat products Trader Joe’s has, but they’re certainly not the worst. We’ve seen some really awful ones. Sandy is going with a rating of 3.5 based mainly on breading issues. I have my doubts, but settle for a 3.5.

Bottom line: 7 of 10 Golden Spoons for Trader Joe’s Chickenless Crispy Tans