Trader Joe’s Chicken Pot Pie

Trader Joe's Chicken Pot Pie

Kittah! This is mah pot pie!

I don’t think I’ll ever eat another pot pie in my life without thinking about the stupid antics of Eric Cartman. I can’t even remember what was so funny about that scene. There was just this fat kid eating a pot pie and his pet kitty cat kept meowing because it wanted some. He became very angry with the cat and began to say “No Kittah! This is mah pot pie!” I remember the other guys in the dorm and I howled with laughter for some reason. I guess there’s just something universally funny about a fat kid getting all worked up about protecting his food from a little cat.

A similar scene could have occurred in our apartment last Thursday. Except instead of Eric Cartman, the angry fat kid would have been me, and instead of a meowing kitten, it would have been my poor, sweet wife on the receiving end of my exclamation: “No Sonia, this is mah pot pie!”

This scene CouldThey have come together. This is if Trader Joe had prepared a more decent pot pie. The pot pie, unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you view it, was not worth the fight.

The packaging boasts of a “rich, golden crust in the oven or microwave” as you can see. It was a good crust, especially for a microwaved pot pie. As you can see, there is not much to brag about on the packaging. This is the end of this product’s bragging. Sonia thought the vegetables were tasty, even though they were edible. She thinks it was all bland. She used all kinds of hot sauce.

Blandness was not a problem for me. The texture of chicken was my biggest problem. They looked and felt fake. They were chewy. This was the only reason I wouldn’t have purchased this product again. I’m sorry to say it, but the only other chicken pot pie I’ve had in recent memory is one of the 80¢ Banquet ones from the freezer at Target…yeah, that’s all I really have to compare it to (and our detractors say we’re not real foodies). Although I’m aware that the Banquet versions are not good for you and much smaller than TJ’s, I’d still choose the Banquet version if I had to taste them both.

Yes, that is harsh. Really, if you don’t mind rubbery chicken, they’re not that bad…and there’s always the possibility we just got one made with a batch of sub-par chicken. It gets a 3 for the delicious crust and the good vegetables. Sonia gives it a 3 as well, docking 2 points for an overall lack of flavor. It was okay, but we had different opinions.

The bottom line: 6 out 10.