Trader Joe’s Chicken Pot Pie Bites

Trader Joe's Chicken Pot Pie Bites
This is going be a boring blog entry. Just a warning. Unless you’re seriously considering purchasing this product from TJ’s but you’re on the fence for some reason, you should probably just move along and read something more entertaining like Russ’s most recent post, The Unofficial Foodie-Hack Blogger Credo, my old review of TJ’s Chicken Pot Pie, or this heart-felt love letter. This article has nothing to be profound, and I have already used the phrase “No, Kittah, this mah pot pie” in another review so it will not be funny or informative for the remainder of the article.

You may be asking yourself why I do this. Why is it that I am so down about myself? I ate the entire package of miniature pot pie without Sonia even tasting one. As she was returning from work, I warmed these miniature pot pies and devoured the whole package. These babies were far from delicious. This is my public penance to the terrible sin of gluttony. I could try to justify it by telling you that I was purposely sheltering her from a not-particularly-good TJ’s product, but that’s not really the truth. Truth be told, I was so hungry I would have eaten a whole shoe and saved everything for someone else.

I decided to boycott this blog to get rid of my selfishness crime. Please do not read it. If you feel the need to leave a negative comment, I’d appreciate it. It should be something that makes me regret my insatiable appetite for thoughtless action.

Also, I don’t want anyone to see the finished product after baking. I am pretty certain I made a mistake. This is a terrible picture of pot pies. They look horrible. They tasted terrible. It almost seems like all the liquid and softness has been removed from each crust and just a crispy little shell remains. A little, greasy, buttery shell. I thought I had followed the baking instructions. They should at least look like the picture of the pot pies on the package. But not so. It was just a few pieces of chicken stuck to a dry, empty egg shell of fattening breadiness.

Those were my pot pies. You may be telling me that I shouldn’t have allowed them to cool down between the pot pies when I made them. I swear, I did. They look like they melted during cooking. How did I know that pot pies would melt? melt Instead of baking?

The only thing I can really say was that the chicken pieces were smaller than the ones in TJ’s Chicken Pot Pie. Sonia was unable to taste the abomination. But if she were, she would have given the product 2.5 stars. This is what I give them.

Bottom line: 5 stars out of 10.