Trader Joe’s Chicken Less Mandarin Orange Morsels

Trader Joe's Chicken-Less Mandarin Orange Morsels
It’s possible to find it online: Trader Joe’s has an excellent reputation for making fake meat products. Soy chorizo Veggie sausage? Beefless ground beef Meatless corn dogs All winners with us. We also have Trader Ming’s Mandarin Orange Chicken, the inaugural member to the WGaTJ pantheon. It was a 9.5 by Nathan and Sonia back in the day. Sandy and I would give it at most that number in Golden Spoonage. But not everyone feels the same way. I’ll let you read the comments. My view is that as long as it’s not harmful or unhealthy, it should be fine. If you have the option to make it even more tasty with great flavorings, then why not. Only use what is usable. Chick-Fila glory does not mean every clucker should be there. Picture of pinkish glopThat’s what McNuggets are made of Most of the time, disproven, anyways). Let’s try this experiment. Combine one of Trader Joe’s strengths in fake beef technology and replace the most frequently criticized component in one their other universally popular dishes. What do you get? Of course, Trader Joe’s Chicken Less Mandarin Orange Morsels. Sandy and I saw it and were intrigued enough to buy it ($2.99 I believe) and have it for dinner that night.

MakinIt is simple – the process is the same as for regular chicken-full mango orange morsels. To coat each bite, place the frozen bits in a ziplock bag on a cookie sheet. Serve with rice, or at least that’s how we do it. Taste-wise, I have no problem with the pollo mentira. It’s a combination of quinoa, grains, and other ingredients that makes a fine chunk of chicken. I would say that it wasn’t fake, even though I hadn’t seen the bag. I find the sauce to be a problem. It’s not as good as the mandarin chicken sauce. It is thinner, less thick, and has a weaker flavor. It just doesn’t work as well. The result is a thin, slightly sweetened, orange soda-y taste. As with other sauces, which lack something, I was tempted to add some to TJ’s but…

There was another problem. The orange morsel bag with the chicken-less orange morsel clearly states that it contains two servings of approximately ten pieces each. I think that any less than 18 faux chicken chunks would be a ripoff, and any more would be a bonus. Our bag contained only 15. Even though the bags were quite sized, that’s unacceptable. This left us with the classic TJ problem of “too many for one, too few for two”. It’s also disheartening to see TJ’s tradition of meat skimming making its way towards the line of meat substitute products. But, between tendonitis and the fact that I was unable to experiment, I decided to stay put.

Sandy enjoyed it, but not as much the regular one. This is due to the sauce-y absence factor. “The sauce kinda suckers for this one,” she stated. Yes. It is a pain. It also has a shortage of chickenless nuggets. You can add a few more to the bag and make it a pantheon contender. Sandy gave it a 4 and I went with a 2.5. It’s not good enough for me because it has two major problems.

Bottom line: Trader Joseph’s Chicken-Less Mandarin Orange Morsels – 6.5 out of 10.