Trader Joe’s Chicken Breast with Poblano Sauce

Trader Joe's Chicken Breast in Poblano Sauce
Poblano refers to a variety of pepper. Beyond that, my wife and I aren’t sure if the word means anything—and Sonia is fluent in Spanish. If we were to make a guess based solely on the TJ’s dish’s sauce, we would probably say that “poblano” means “bland.” If we had the option to make a guess on the whole dish, we would likely choose “nasty.”
Not too long ago, a TJ’s fan posted on our Facebook page about how the Chicken Poblano product was delicious. We know there are sometimes extreme discrepancies in people’s experiences using Trader Joes products. I think of the Sockeye Salmon. The salmon that Joe the Salmon Trader Joe uses is not suitable for human consumption in most cases. There are rare occasions when you will find fresh salmon that’s both edible and tasty.
So, I won’t call anyone who says this Chicken Poblano tastes great a liar. I’m merely going to state matter-of-factly that our experience was something entirely different—and Sonia and I are 100% on the same page about this one. Both of us were very disappointed.
The chicken was not even enjoyable. It was very fattening and gristly. Sonia and my first bite were both so bad that we had no choice but to throw away our napkins.?…something unchewable. Overall, the chicken had little flavor. The few bites of juicy, tender white meat were rare.
The sauce was worse. The sauce was nearly flavorless. We both hoped that one of the many ingredients would spice it up. Nothing. Nothing. It was bland mush. Independently, we were both shocked by the lackluster flavor. Both of us expect more from TJ’s.
I don’t want readers to believe we’re making a cheap shot of Trader Joe’s. We are loyal fans, and have been for a long time. We do occasionally come across a product so awful that we may not be able to recommend it. This was one such meal. While I don’t think anyone could have had a better experience, I do know that at least one person is a fan. It will be interesting to hear what comments people have about this product. Which dish was the anomaly Who was the one who loved it? Or Sonia, I?
Sonia rates it 1 star. She simply said, “terrible.” It sounds pretty good to me. It’s not something we will ever buy again.

Bottom line: 2 stars out of 10.